The Mafia Community (マフィアン・コミュニティー, Mafian Komyunitī), also referred to as just the Mafia (マフィア, Mafia)[2] or Syndicate/Community (コミュニティー, Komyunitī),[3] is a collection of criminal organizations, groups, and individuals spread all over the world.


Hierarchy and Territories

The Mafia seems to have a traditionalist structure in general, with a council of leaders (likely coming from powerful Mafia families) at the top and several families one level below (with the presence of families subordinate to others).

The council of leaders are the Ten Dons, and each have their own turf in ten regions on six continents.[4]

After the events involving the Phantom Troupe and the Mafia in Yorknew City, the Mafia power structure was remapped, allowing Kakin's Mafia to get exclusive rights to the New Continent.[5]


While the Mafia's business and interests can be legal, much of it is composed of crimes and illegal operations, including:

  • commodity control in certain places;
  • human trafficking;
  • distribution of black market goods;
  • and smuggling.[6]

However, a family’s operations can be entirely legal, such as those of the Nostrade Family which include:

  • personal security details;
  • and gambling.[7]

Murder seems to be common in the Mafia, but as a way of doing business and not as a business in itself, which is why the Ten Dons contracted professional assassins to deal with the Phantom Troupe.[8]

The Mafia controls the Underground Auction, during which time all the Ten Dons gather together to discuss their plans and issue orders, which are carried out by the Shadow Beasts.[4] However, after the multiple incidents involving the Phantom Troupe, the event is now held online.[9]


Yorknew City Government: The Mafia Community has a close-knit relationship with the mayor of Yorknew City, paying for 60% of the city’s mayoral election campaign. So when events like the Underground Auction are held, the police work together with the Mafia since the chief of police is the mayor's lapdog. This makes imposing traffic restrictions simple and works to the Mafia’s benefit.[8]

Meteor City: In exchange for many of their indigenous people with no traceable records as personnel, the Mafia Community "throws away" gold and weapons in the city. This partnership, however, was potentially destroyed by the Phantom Troupe’s multiple massacres.[10]

Kakin Empire: The three most powerful Mafia families of Kakin have direct links to the Royal Family, and two of them are protective of the royalty and its interests.[5] Also, no other Mafia group but those originating from Kakin appear to be aboard the Black Whale.

Mafia and Nen

The higher-ups in the Mafia Community are no strangers to Nen. The Shadow Beasts, whose members act as bodyguards for the Ten Dons and carry out their orders, each have Nen abilities.[4] Light Nostrade is also aware of the existence of Nen, mentioning that Dalzollene was a Nen user after being surprised by the news of his death, claiming that he could be shot by ten bullets and walk away unscathed.[11]

Most Mafia members, however, seem to be unaware of Nen.[12]

Although it has only been mentioned within Kakin's Mafia, the concept of "balance" is probably something appreciated and present in the whole Community. As Nen is considered a dangerous threat, there are unspoken rules such as hiding and not proliferating it in order to maintain the status quo.[5][6][13]

Onior Longbao, the boss of the Xi-Yu Family, is unaware of Nen when asked by Zhang Lei, but says that that some of their younger members use strange powers.[14]


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Yorknew City arc

The Nostrade bodyguard applicants listening to Dalzollene’s instructions

At the Nostrade's mansion, Dalzollene informs the bodyguard applicants that they have one month to acquire an item from the list given to them. However, before they can leave, they are ambushed by eleven assailants.[15] As it turns out, all of the assailants are later revealed to be made of Nen created by Tocino, a current Nostrade Family employee who was ordered to test the applicants. After discovering that Squala is also a Nostrade employee, Kurapika, Basho, Melody, and Baise successfully escape the mansion.[16] The applicants each return with one of the requested items and are hired as bodyguards for Neon, with Dalzollene telling them that their first mission is to escort her to her hotel room in Yorknew City.[17]

As the bodyguards escort her by airship and then by car, Neon uses her ability to write out fortunes for several Mafia members, including Rottfelli and Trink. At the Phantom Troupe's hideout on the outskirts of the city, Chrollo tells the members that they will steal all the items at the Underground Auction. Uvogin becomes ecstatic at the possibility of antagonizing Mafia members from all across the world, and Chrollo gives them permission to kill anyone who gets in their way.[1]

At the Hotel Beitacle, after telling Light about some concerning fortunes, Dalzollene briefs the bodyguards on their mission at the auction and lists the items that they need to obtain for Neon. After Dalzollene divides them into groups and they go their separate ways, Neon throws a temper tantrum after being told that she won’t be allowed to attend the auction.[2] After Light tells him that he is making his way to Yorknew, Dalzollene calls the bodyguards and asks for updates on the security around the Cemetery Building. Kurapika and Melody then have a lengthy conversation about each of their pasts. Inside the building, after Baise wonders why so many of the Mafia members are attending the auction in person, Tocino explains that they can earn points for their family and that the community receives 5% of the proceeds as a commission. He adds that it's a way for them to show how wealthy they are, explaining that some families even end up bankrupt after getting into a bidding war.[3]

Franklin killing the Mafia members at the auction

Several Troupe members head to the auction while the rest stay behind at the hideout. As the auction starts, Franklin and Feitan suddenly walk out onto the stage of the crowded auditorium. Feitan announces that they will all be killed as Franklin uses his Double Machine Gun to massacre nearly all the guests, with Shizuku killing any who escape and using Blinky to get rid of all the evidence. One Mafia member remains barely alive and declares that the Mafia will track down them and their families, promising that they will all be tortured. However, Franklin quickly kills him as Feitan wonders what family is.[3]

Mafia members rush inside the Cemetery Building and discover both the auditorium and vault empty, sending out a message to all the families in Yorknew to follow any suspicious aircrafts. They also announce that a reward will be given to the family that catches the thieves, stressing that they should keep the leader alive. After Kurapika and Melody update him on the situation, Dalzollene decides to gather the other bodyguards and chase after the thieves along with dozens of other Mafia members. Kurapika worries that the ambition of the Mafia families will prevent any cooperation between them. As the Troupe members make their escape in a hot-air balloon, Uvogin contacts Chrollo and updates him on the situation, speculating that there might be a Judas among them. However, Chrollo convinces him that there isn't and adds that the Mafia's security would have been tighter if they knew about their plan. He guesses that they only received a vague tip and that the higher-ups trusted the source enough to act on it. Uvogin then tells Chrollo about the Ten Dons and the Shadow Beasts, adding that before they killed the auctioneer, he told them that a member named Owl showed up and somehow left empty-handed after emptying the entire vault. Chrollo guesses that he has a Nen ability similar to Shizuku's and that the Mafia knows that Nen is involved after 500 guests suddenly vanished. Uvogin asks for permission to fight them, and Chrollo tells him to cause enough of a disturbance to draw out the Shadow Beasts. The Mafia members on the ground then spot the Troupe's hot-air balloon and give chase.[4]

Uvogin killing Mafia members in the Gordeau Desert

The Mafia members see that the balloon is heading toward the Gordeau Desert, and after seeing that they aren't using an airship, Bean wonders where the guests are and guesses that it's more than just a heist. He then tells the others to call the Ten Dons so that they can send the Shadow Beasts. After their balloon is shot down in the desert and dozens of Mafia members order them to come down from the high ledge, Uvogin assures his comrades that he will take care of them, sliding down the cliffside and confronting them. A Mafia member points a gun in Uvogin's face and asks if they kidnapped the guests, which Uvogin confirms. Uvogin simply smiles when the man asks about their leader, and when he fires at point blank range, Uvogin catches the bullet with his teeth and breaks the man's neck with a single swipe. He then begins to massacre the other Mafia members, surviving both a shot from a sniper rifle and an anti-tank missile. Kurapika and the other Nostrade bodyguards watch the carnage from afar when four Shadow Beasts arrive to deal with the Troupe. Worm, Leech, Rabid Dog, and Porcupine all confront Uvogin.[12]

Worm is the first to be incapacitated by Uvogin's Big Bang Impact. After Uvogin is distracted by Porcupine and immobilized by Rabid Dog, Leech begins to insert his leeches into the wound on Uvogin's shoulder. However, Uvogin kills him by biting off a portion of his head and then spits out a fragment of his skull like a bullet to kill Rabid Dog. With Porcupine still attached to his arm and unable to use physical attacks against him, Uvogin lets out a loud scream right toward him that results in his death. As Shalnark explains how to remove the leeches from his system,[18] Kurapika takes advantage of Uvogin's paralysis and captures him with Chain Jail, quickly driving away from the canyon with the other bodyguards. Machi immediately uses a needle and a Nen thread to track Uvogin. She and four other members then chase after Kurapika by car, but just before they can catch up with him, the remaining Shadow Beasts arrive and stop them.[19]

Phinks killing Dalzollene

The bodyguards then take Uvogin to a building somewhere in the city and prepare to torture him to learn what happened to the auction items and attendees. Uvogin assures them that the items were already gone when they arrived and agrees to spare their lives if they release him, but when he reveals that the auction attendees were all killed, Kurapika punches him in the face and forces his comrades to calm him down. After Dalzollene informs someone that they captured one of the thieves, he learns that all the Shadow Beasts were killed. With Kurapika out to meet with Hisoka and the other guards sleeping, Dalzollene welcomes the Mafia members who arrive to take Uvogin. However, they are revealed to be the other Troupe members, with Phinks quickly killing Dalzollene.[20]

Back at the Hotel Beitacle, the bodyguards try to call Dalzollene and assume that he’s dead after he fails to answer. The others nominate Kurapika to be the new head bodyguard, and Kurapika contacts Light, who puts him in charge and orders him to protect Neon until he arrives. Shalnark discovers that the building where Uvogin was kept is owned by a dummy company for the Nostrade Family. He then finds two other properties and learns that their employees are staying at three hotels, assuring Uvogin that he should be able to find the chain user by tomorrow. Kurapika tells Squala and Melody that the Hunter Website lists all the properties owned by the Nostrade Family as well as all its employees. He then tells them to move Neon to another room and to stay there while he waits for Uvogin.[11]

The Mafia putting bounties on the Spiders

Uvogin eventually tracks Kurapika to the hotel and allows him to choose where he wants to die. Elsewhere in the city, Gon, Killua, and Leorio attend a conditional auction and learn that bounties have been put on the heads of the Troupe members by the Mafia, seizing the opportunity to look for them.[21][22] After Kurapika fights and kills Uvogin, he calls Melody who tells him that Neon's father has been delayed. After killing the remaining Shadow Beasts, the Troupe captures Owl and takes him back to their hideout, torturing him in order to acquire the auction items.[23]

After Light arrives and the bodyguards tell him about the situation, he praises their quick thinking and says that he will be sending Neon home now that the auction has been canceled, telling Melody and Basho to accompany her back to the mansion. However, once Neon leaves the room, Light reveals that the auction will reopen and that the Ten Dons have hired assassins to eliminate the Troupe. He then asks Kurapika to join the assassin team so that they won’t be able to take all the credit.[24]

Shalnark handing out information on the Nostrade Family

Once Killua is cornered by Phinks and Nobunaga, he says that he was following them because the Mafia put a large bounty on their heads and that websites were offering rewards just for their location.[25] At the Troupe’s hideout, Shalnark decides that it’s time for them to go on the offensive. He hands out a list of the Nostrade Family’s employees and tells them to memorize their faces, especially those of Neon’s bodyguards, since they were the ones who captured Uvogin. He suggests that they work in pairs to find them and that they should meet back at the hideout later that night.[26] Accompanied by Melody, Basho, and her attendants, Neon is seen on a shopping spree at Lingon Airport. After pretending to use the bathroom, she puts on a disguise and leaves on her own, intent on going to the auction by herself after her father lied to her. An unknown figure holding a photograph of Neon is then seen following her.[27]

At the meeting of assassins, Zenji tells them that their job is to kill the Phantom Troupe if they attack the auction again, leaving the method up to them. After floor plans and maps are handed out and the meeting ends, Zenji confronts Light and reminds him of how quickly he has risen up the ranks, mocking him as well. The two then get into a fight which Kurapika breaks up. Light tells Kurapika about the importance of information, especially when it comes to future events, and is confident that he will be able to continue increasing his prestige with Neon’s ability. Melody calls Kurapika and tells him about Neon’s disappearance, with Kurapika guessing that she is making her way to the auction. Light calls someone and tells them to have the police look out for a young girl trying to pass the checkpoints. As Neon is seen with Chrollo entering the perimeter, Light desperately tells someone to put out a notice for his daughter and to print out her picture so they can find her. However, Kurapika uses his Dowsing Chain on a map of the city and easily determines that she is already inside the Cemetery Building.[8]

Bean agreeing to call an ambulance after Neon falls unconscious

After Neon uses her ability to tell Chrollo’s fortune, the Troupe leader knocks her unconscious as he desperately tells the Mafia members to call for an ambulance. Hesitant at first, Bean remembers that even the Ten Dons are fans of Neon and eventually gives the order. While Light plans to meet Neon on the fifth floor, Kurapika checks the Hunter Website and sees pictures of Neon, Basho, and Baise. He then informs Light and reveals that the auction will be canceled again after the place becomes a battlefield.[28]

As Chrollo kills the assassins inside the Cemetery Building, all the Troupe members (excluding Nobunaga) kill the police and Mafia members outside in their requiem to Uvogin. In disbelief that there are fewer than ten attackers, Bean tells his men to keep them away from the building. After the ambulance arrives, Bean and the others draw their weapons and hold them at gunpoint. Bean then tells them to follow him and not to try anything. Kurapika sees the Mafia members beginning to panic and realizes that the auction organizers will soon lose control of the situation.[29] Bean wonders where the reinforcements are, but as he hears screaming and explosions nearby, he realizes that the 2,000 armed men are all being killed. He calls someone and tells them to contact the Ten Dons immediately. As the Mafia members begin to panic and ask for their weapons back, Zeno Zoldyck takes control of the situation and tells them to wait until they take care of the attacker inside the building.[30]

Illumi reporting that the Ten Dons are dead

As Chrollo and the two Zoldycks continue to fight, the worried Mafia members sense the enormous explosion below them. Bean tries to calm them down by informing them that they have made contact with the Dons. He tells them to make their way to the auction hall and that the Dons will speak through a live video feed. With the auditorium now full, one of the Dons appears on the screen and reveals that they have killed the Troupe's leader. As the Mafia members celebrate, the Don tells them to enjoy the auction while the other Troupe members are hunted down, adding that all the Dons will watch the bidding. At the Dons' location, it's revealed that Illumi has killed them all with the help of Maha and Kalluto. Illumi contacts Silva and asks him to tell his client Chrollo that the Dons have been killed. Chrollo wonders why Zeno isn't going to finish him off, and he replies that Dons were their clients and since they're now dead, he is no longer their target.[31]

After an ambulance transports Neon to a hospital, Chrollo contacts the Troupe members and says that they will ignore the ambulance and go ahead as planned. The announcer begins the auction, and Bean walks backstage, relieved that none of the capos were injured. However, he is quickly killed by Machi after being distracted by Hisoka. It's then revealed that the Troupe has secretly taken over the auction, with Shalnark using his ability to manipulate the announcer and Kortopi creating copies of the items. Kurapika is told by two Mafia members that the Troupe's leader was killed, and Zenji mocks him for wasting his time while the Zoldycks took care of the job. Kurapika proceeds to punch him in the face, declaring that he needs to see it with his own eyes.[31]

Kurapika and the Mafia finding Chrollo's corpse

Kurapika and several Mafia members stand beside Chrollo's corpse, with one of them asking where Bean is. Two others are surprised that the Troupe's leader is so young. When one of the men grabs Chrollo by his hair, someone else tells him not to damage his face any more than it is since they plan to post a picture of him on the Internet. After they also find the bodies of Shalnark, Shizuku, Feitan, Machi, and Franklin, one of the Mafia members tells his comrades to find out their identities by checking every database, adding that their bodies should be dissected below the neck. He also tells them to find and kill all their friends and relatives so that it serves as a warning.[32]

Kurapika quickly returns to the auction hall and bids on the pair of Scarlet Eyes, calling Light to make sure that he can bid whatever is necessary to win them. After learning that Kurapika had to bid Jenny Symbol 2011.svg2.9 billion to beat out Zenji, Light is initially concerned but assures himself that the money will return to the Mafia and only increase his prestige. Sitting by Neon in her hospital bed, he also reminds himself that he will easily make the money back with his daughter’s ability, stressing that he just needs to keep her happy. Kurapika picks up the eyes for the Nostrade Family and makes his way to the hospital after a tense exchange with Zenji. After Kurapika delivers the eyes to an ecstatic Neon, Light thanks the bodyguards and says that they can now return to the hotel. He also tells them that there is still one item left to win at the auction and that while he is leaving the day after tomorrow, Neon can stay behind to go shopping. Melody tells Kurapika that they will take care of things so that he can get some rest. Meanwhile, the entire Troupe celebrates their successful plan against the Mafia back at their hideout.[32]

After six hours of searching, a Mafia hacker is unable to find any information on the deceased Troupe members. He tells two other Mafia members that the dead Spiders don't exist, and after they argue back and forth, the hacker surmises that they must have been born in Meteor City where their births didn't have to be officially acknowledged. After explaining more about the city and how vengeful its citizens can be, he tells the two men that they don't want to fight the Troupe if its members are from Meteor City, adding that the Dons would agree with his assessment.[33]

Leorio and Kurapika explaining the relationship between Meteor City and the Mafia

After Kurapika learns that the corpses of the Troupe members are fake, Melody contacts him and says that the Ten Dons canceled their bounties on the Troupe after learning that they are from Meteor City. Leorio tries to explain the reasoning to Gon and Killua, pointing out that gold and weapons are provided by a certain organization. Kurapika says that Leorio is referring to the Mafia, leaving Gon and Killua confused. Leorio explains that it's the perfect place to recruit since the people there have no official records. He adds that the two had the ideal partnership until the Troupe ruined it.[10]

Kurapika tells Leorio that he asked about the auction, but that the Mafia hasn't made any decisions yet. Leorio says that they might reconsider if he tells them that the Spiders are still alive, but Kurapika is confident that the Mafia doesn't want to have any disagreements with Meteor City, guessing that the organization's war against the Troupe is finished. He wonders if the auction will still be held, and Leorio realizes that Kurapika plans to fight the Troupe, wondering how he will do it without the Mafia's help. As his aura swells around him, Kurapika says that he wasn’t counting on it.[34]

While Melody is accompanying Neon during her shopping spree, Kurapika calls to ask for her help. At the Troupe’s hideout, Shalnark holds up the list of Nostrade employees from the Hunter Website and tells Chrollo that Uvogin recognized the top three. Chrollo tells him that he checked the site yesterday and found not only a picture of Neon, but the list of bodyguards with two new employees. As Chrollo tells Shalnark to check the list again, Franklin wonders why one girl would have seven bodyguards. Chrollo points out that her father only achieved his position by exploiting her fortune-telling ability. Shizuku wonders why he is in Yorknew, and Pakunoda guesses that she came for the auction, causing Chrollo to remember that Neon is a collector of body parts. Shalnark makes the connection to the Scarlet Eyes, and Chrollo says that the chain user was hired by the Nostrade Family because he knew the eyes would be at the auction and Neon would want them. After having Kortopi track the copied eyes, Chrollo uses a map and deduces that they are at the Hotel Beitacle.[35]

Squala preparing to escape with the Scarlet Eyes

As several Troupe members make their way to the hotel, Killua and Melody track them. Kurapika eventually realizes where they are heading and calls Squala to warn him as he takes only the eyes with him.[36] When Gon and Killua are caught by the Troupe again, the latter feigns shock when Machi mentions that the Mafia’s reward was canceled. After Melody tells Kurapika that Squala isn’t answering his phone, he is shown stuck in traffic and surrounded by Pakunoda, Kortopi, and Nobunaga, who recognizes him from the list and tells him to exit the car.[37] Pakunoda begins her interrogation, but when Squala asks if she knows that he works for the Nostrade Family, she breaks his arm and orders him to answer her questions. Squala becomes provoked by Pakunoda’s mention of Eliza and turns to face her, causing Nobunaga to kill him for disobeying his order.[38] Melody then helps Kurapika with the hostage exchange to secure the return of Gon and Killua.[39][40]

Greed Island arc

Melody tells Kurapika that the Underground Auction was canceled and all future ones are also canceled, with the Mafia holding it online from now on. She then informs him of Squala’s death and says that Eliza was overcome with grief since the two were in love. She adds that while the Scarlet Eyes were also taken, Neon was more concerned about Eliza and offered to return home.[9]

Light's breakdown

At the Nostrade’s mansion, Neon sits on her bed and wonders why her ability won’t appear anymore. Light suffers a mental breakdown after the loss of his daughter’s ability and wonders how they will make money (especially after paying Jenny Symbol 2011.svg2.9 billion for the Scarlet Eyes). Light begs him for advice and angrily blames him, but Kurapika assures him that he will take care of everything. However, Light continues to berate him and wonders why it happened.[41]

Dark Continent Expedition arc

After Steiner is told that the wrung-out bodies were discovered on this side, he asks if there is any record of the victims’ passage to the new world. The IPA Director tells him that some have suggested it’s related to the Mafia because of their circle of acquaintances, but he stresses that testimony from multiple eyewitnesses refutes the theory.[42]

Mizaistom asking to see Kurapika

At an undisclosed location owned by the Nostrade Family, Mizaistom introduces himself and asks to see Kurapika. Linssen informs him that Kurapika is away at the moment and asks him to leave. However, as Mizaistom insists on staying to wait for him, three lackeys prepare to make him leave, but Mizaistom restrains them with his Cross Game ability. Linssen begrudgingly tells Mizaistom that Kurapika is downstairs, warning that he shouldn't provoke him since he's in a bad mood. Mizaistom then wonders why he's working for the Nostrade Family if he's a Hunter, but Linssen retorts that the family isn't a crime syndicate since they get all their income through personal security details and gambling (both of which are legal), and that they pay their taxes. He calmly tells Mizaistom that he has no right to say anything as a result.[7]

After Kurapika arrives, Mizaistom proposes a quid pro quo and asks him to join the Zodiacs and accompany them to the Dark Continent, eventually revealing that he has information on the remaining Scarlet Eyes he seeks. Linssen internally remarks that Kurapika is looking for the eyes' owner and that they haven't found any clues so far.[7]

Succession Contest arc

Days after Kurapika joins the Zodiacs, Linssen informs him that the Kakin Princes are hiring bodyguards for the voyage. Kurapika urgently asks if he can tell which ones are hiring, but Linssen replies that only the salary is shown (which keeps increasing as the Princes try to outdo one another). He finally tells Kurapika that there are six offers.[43] Kurapika then hires six acquaintances, including Basho and Melody, to help him with his mission. Kurapika is hired to protect Prince Woble, Basho Prince Luzurus, and Melody Prince Kacho.[44]

Kakin’s three Mafia families and their Prince benefactors

On the second day of the Black Whale’s voyage, in front of the central dining hall on Tier 5, three members of the Buor Family charge people Jenny Symbol 2011.svg5,000 to pass through. As they tell two men to find another route if they can’t pay, one of them wonders if something can be done about it, but the other tells him that they paid off the soldiers and can do as they please. One Buor member offers them loyalty cards or a payment schedule, and another says that they can also buy cans and dinners from their store. However, Phinks, Franklin, Feitan, and Nobunaga suddenly arrive and tell the Buor members to move. The Troupe members quickly subdue them and make their way to the dining hall. One of the Buor members explains that they are a lowly family, and that Kakin’s three big families are aboard the ship in order to secure territory on the New Continent. He adds that each family has a direct line to a Prince, and that the family’s bosses are VIPs on Tier 1, with the henchmen of each family trying to reduce the enemy numbers until the ship lands. Phinks asks him which family he belongs to, and the man replies that they are just freelance thugs and that the big families take a 90% cut from them. He then names the families and their benefactors: the Third Prince for the Xi-Yu Family, the Fourth Prince for the Heil-Ly Family, and the Seventh Prince for the Cha-R Family. He adds that once you pledge yourself to one family, the other two become your mortal enemies.[45]

Nobunaga then asks him how to get above Tier 2, but the man says that movement between tiers is impossible. Phinks guesses that there's a middleman between the boss and the henchmen, and Franklin suggests antagonizing all three families, asking which is the strongest. The Buor member replies that the Xi-Yu is strongest in terms of finances and numbers, but then pleads with the Troupe members not to cause any trouble. Franklin guesses that someone must come down to take the cut, telling him to call the man over. The Buor member replies that the next time is Saturday, and Nobunaga says that it will work for the loot, leaving him confused. Phinks tells him not to ask questions and says that their new mission is to find everyone taller than 6'2" and get their room numbers.[45]

Cha-R Family members approaching the Phantom Troupe

As the Phantom Troupe holds a meeting in the central dining hall, a group from the Cha-R Family suddenly confronts them, with the leader rudely asking them to move from their table. Chrollo refuses and asks them to find somewhere else instead. The Mafia leader stops his subordinates from initiating a fight and identifies Chrollo and the others as the Phantom Troupe. According to the leader, the Troupe's rampage in Yorknew City allowed them easier access to the New Continent. He further orders the Troupe to do their business elsewhere. Before leaving, Chrollo tells him that they are looking for someone over 6'2" with an unpleasant air about him. The leader suggests that they look at the Royal Army's passenger list, but adds that it will be a hard task since the upper tiers require tickets. He offers him a free pass if they join the Cha-R Family, but Chrollo politely declines. Instead, he asks about gaining access to Tier 1, which prompts the Mafia leader to quickly dismiss his cockiness, telling him to get lost. As the Spiders walk away, the group's leader asks Sun-bin if the Troupe is dangerous, and he replies that they will reach Tier 1 if they want to get there and that they didn't even try to hide their Nen. As they worry about the Troupe upsetting the balance of power, the man tells Sun-bin to call their young leader and to warn him that there might be a fight.[5]

Shizuku asks Chrollo if he can read their fortunes again so that they can hopefully get some clues to find Hisoka. However, Chrollo reveals that the ability disappeared from his book. Shizuku seems to realize what the implication is, and Chrollo gives a general confirmation (i.e., that Neon has died).[5]

In Tier 1, Onior Longbao (the Xi-Yu boss) and Brocco Li (the Cha-R boss) discuss the Spiders, with the latter mentioning that they couldn't even fit into Meteor City and that it will be difficult to control them since they don't care about life or death. He also mentions that some of his family's younger members are secret fans of theirs. The two bosses summon their underbosses and order them to find Hisoka before the Spiders do. Ken'i, the Cha-R underboss, tells his subordinate to gather the group leaders and offer ten million to anyone who provides useful information, ten million to anyone who finds Hisoka, and another ten million to the leader of the area. Hinrigh, the Xi-Yu underboss, tells his subordinates to obtain the manifest and look through the single male passengers and families of more than three. He guesses that Hisoka has stowed away and that it will be difficult to find him. He then tells his men to ask the Queen to have the soldiers check IDs and tickets. Each underboss tells his men to find Hisoka and assures them that he will take care of the rest.[6]

Morena preparing to use her ability on her subordinates

Somewhere in Tier 3, the boss of the Heil-Ly Family and illegitimate daughter of Nasubi, Morena Prudo, thanks the members who chose to follow her and tells them that they will destroy everything. Speaking to her 22 members, she uses her Contagion ability on each of them, allowing them to increase their aura and power with every person they kill. She explains that civilians are worth one level, those with abilities ten, and Princes fifty. After she wishes them good luck, she thinks about her past and looks forward to tearing down what she considers a cruel world.[6]

In Tier 5, Nobunaga tells Phinks and Feitan that they will the tier to the Buor Family and search for Hisoka on Tier 4. He plans to retrieve his weapon from the warehouse, and Phinks says that he needs to get something as well, with Feitan adding that his trick umbrella was smuggled in with the black market goods. After arriving at the warehouse, the three encounter some henchmen of the Cha-R Family, one of whom leads them inside. As the man turns the corner, Nobunaga stops Phinks and Feitan, stating that he suddenly vanished from his En, with Phinks noting that he can no longer feel his presence. They walk down the corridor, which turns out to be a dead end, and then hear a thud from behind them. They find the man lying dead on the floor with his throat cut open. Phinks and Feitan nonchalantly keep searching for the items on their own, ridiculing Nobunaga's concern and telling him that his priorities are weird. As the three continue to talk, the hit man and Heil-Ly member Luini watches them from his portal in the ceiling and describes them as his idols, hoping that they can destroy the world together. In the general passenger area on Tier 3, people crowd around a crime scene as Mizaistom asks how many victims there are. The person tells him that the culprit dressed as a soldier and quickly killed twenty people with a blade, with no sign that Nen was used. After learning that they have one witness, Mizaistom asks to talk to them.[6]

After the female witness recounts the killer mentioning levels and the number of people, she tells Mizaistom that he somehow escaped from the inside of a locked bathroom. Saying to himself that a Nen ability must be involved, Mizaistom tells the woman to rest in her cabin. However, it’s then revealed that the woman (named Cashew) is a member of the Heil-Ly Family and worked with Luini on the plan so that he could determine how skilled they are at investigating. Cashew tells herself that she will slowly level up and get to know the investigators better.[13]

Ken’i and his subordinates confronting the Spiders

Elsewhere, Luini explains his teleportation ability in detail and says that he will enjoy his collaboration with the Spiders before he tests whether he can use it to go outside the ship. After retrieving their weapons, Phinks, Nobunaga, and Feitan return to the warehouse entrance and find that the other Mafia members are gone, but Phinks points out that one got away, noting a trail of dry blood and worrying that it's a trap. He then remarks that if someone had wanted to frame them as enemies of the Cha-R Family, the first corpse would have been enough. When Nobunaga replies that the murders may be unrelated to them, Phinks asks him if he believes multiple parties are involved. From Nobunaga's answer, he surmises that the culprit ran into them by chance and decided to use them, but switched back to his original plan when a fight didn't break out. They begin to follow the trail and surmise that Hisoka isn't involved, guessing that the culprit's target is the Cha-R Family. The trail ends at a locked door, and Phinks notices the two security cameras nearby, which he finds odd for Tier 5. After Nobunaga tries to open the door and finds that it's locked, the Cha-R underboss Ken'i Wang appears behind them with four armed subordinates. He asks if they are the ones who attacked the warehouse guards, but after the Troupe members say that they weren't involved, Ken'i receives a call from his subordinates about a man who entered their hideout with a wounded warehouse guard and yelled that the Spiders did it. Ken'i is annoyed that someone tried to manipulate the two groups into fighting and guesses that he was a hit man from one of the other families. Phinks speculates that they did so to fulfill an ability condition in order to teleport into their hideout at a later time, explaining the process in great detail and even mentioning Nen by name. While Ken'i asks the three Troupe members if they want to work together, he tells himself that they are dangerous and must be eliminated.[13]

Now sitting by himself in the Tier 5 central dining hall as he enjoys a meal, Franklin is approached by Ittoku, the consigliere of the Cha-R Family, and four other Mafia members. As Ittoku sits opposite him, Franklin reminds him that they already moved tables and asks if he has something else to say. Ittoku uses Franklin’s name and wonders if he’s going to look for Hisoka. Franklin replies that he doesn’t waste effort, explaining that since Hisoka is looking to kill them, he will come find him as long as he sits and waits. Ittoku then reveals that two of his warehouse guards were killed and four were taken. Franklin assures him that the Troupe wasn’t involved, but then says that it depends on whether or not the Mafia members started the fight. Ittoku points out that Franklin’s three comrades were guaranteed to receive their weapons, wondering why they would fight them. Franklin then assures him that it wasn’t the Troupe and that someone else took advantage of the situation. Ittoku asks if it was Hisoka, and while Franklin says that it could be, he stresses that it wasn’t the Troupe. As he stands up to leave, Ittoku finally asks if the Troupe boarded the ship just for Hisoka, and while Franklin replies that they are still thieves, he stresses that they won’t take the next step until they find and kill Hisoka. After putting out his cigarette on his own steak, Ittoku apologizes and leaves with his men.[13]

Nobunaga and Ken’i agreeing to a deal

Inside the Cha-R's hideout, after Ken'i and the Troupe members watch the surveillance footage, Nobunaga points out that the hit man will come to open the other door. Ken'i asks if they want to see what's inside, and Nobunaga refuses to do so for free, offering to kill the hit man. After Ken'i agrees, he introduces the Spiders to the other Cha-R members present. After telling them that the Cha-R has around 250 members on board, the supervisor Tsudonke recognizes the Spiders and keeps it to himself, wondering if he should ask them for an autograph. On an overview of the ship, Phinks and Nobunaga are still seen in the Cha-R’s hideout while Feitan has returned to the entrance of the warehouse (since the three are now working with the Mafia family). Elsewhere, Botobai and the Royal Army are seen sweeping the tiers for a stowaway with a deadly weapon.[46] At 8 p.m. on the fifth day of the voyage, it’s announced that the stowaway has been captured and that everyone can leave their cabins. It is still unknown whether Luini was the one who was captured.[47]

On the seventh day of the voyage, Tajao, the assistant to the Cha-R boss, emerges from the locked room in the Cha-R’s hideout, escorted by Ken'i. Phinks objects to the way Ken'i introduces them, making it sound like the Spiders are the ones who requested cooperation. Ken'i explains to Tajao that eight of their men have gone missing so far, and the same is happening to the Xi-Yu Family. The total number of missing workers is over 300, and Ken'i believes that the hit man who murdered civilians in Tier 3 has come down with accomplices to the lowest tier to keep killing. Tajao agrees that quick action is needed, but wonders how this involves the Troupe. Phinks explains that they were looking for someone named Hisoka, but that he wasn't in Tier 5. He says that if Tajao can get them permission from the Xi-Yu to let them search Tier 4, they will kill the hit man. Phinks goes on to describe the hit man's ability, and that the hit man is interested in the door that Tajao and Ken'i came through, guessing that it's connected to a higher tier. Tajao says that the Heil-Ly have their own door through Tserriednich, but Phinks guesses that maybe the hit man is planning to take out the Cha-R boss. Ken'i adds that Tserriednich may also be wary of Morena since she recently took over as the Heil-Ly boss, asking Tajao to get in contact with their own boss to confirm whether Morena is in Tier 1. Tajao agrees to do so and tells the Spiders that if she isn't up there, they won't be able to get through, explaining that things will turn to all-out war.[48]

Tajao discussing Morena with the Spiders

Ken'i clarifies the situation by explaining that if a Mafia member wishes to make a hit or raid on another family, they must let their boss know first, and then the bosses strike a deal afterwards to smooth things over. Tajao adds that this must be done within 24 hours of the hit/raid and that the boss had to be away from their home turf when the initial incident occurred. Nobunaga realizes that the only place away from their turf are the first two tiers, which Tajao confirms. Even though it's been two days since the first murder, it's still fine as long as Morena was in Tiers 1 or 2. But Tajao stresses that if Morena was in Tier 3 and she still hasn't made the call, then a war will inevitably break out. He goes on to say that if the Spiders kill the hit man, they will personally be at war with the Heil-Ly, and Nobunaga is fine with that. Ken'i and Tajao emphasize that it means the Troupe won't be able to get information or help from the low-level thugs anymore. Nobunaga comes up with a quick solution and offers to take out the Heil-Ly boss personally, pointing out that it will solve the issue of Morena causing problems and that they may even be thanked by Tserriednich. Phinks asks them to verify Morena's location while they gather the other Spiders and hunt down the hit man first. Ken'i and Tajao give each other a look, both understanding how dangerous the Troupe can be. The Xi-Yu and Cha-R bosses sit in their respective rooms in Tier 1, but Morena's room is shown to be empty. All three are known as "second-track fakers", illegitimate heirs to the throne who are allowed to live and compensated under the table as long as they stay out of the spotlight and obey the monarchy system absolutely.[48]

In Tserriednich's quarters, the Fourth Prince is on the phone with someone who asks about Morena's location. He says that she isn't in the VVIP area and has probably been in the lower tiers since they boarded, hidden with help from her butler. He tells the person to do as they please and that he will do something about it when he has time.[48]

Zhang Lei asking Onior for advice

After Zhang Lei thinks about the ability of his Guardian Spirit Beast and tells himself that he will prove his command of the underworld, he makes his way to Onior’s room and gives him an update on the succession contest. Onior says that his brother Nasubi survived his battle and that Zhang Lei must now do the same. Zhang Lei asks about Guardian Spirit Beasts, but Onior tells him that people like him are never told anything. Zhang Lei then asks if he has heard about something called Nen, and Onior says that while he hasn’t heard of it, he knows that some of the younger members use strange powers, promising to ask around. Onior then says that Nasubi survived his battle by being patient, also telling Zhang Lei that he will research what happened back then. Zhang Lei asks how long it will take, and Onior tells him to be patient since there is fighting in the lower tiers. As Zhang Lei walks away, he says to himself that he is counting on his father, possibly hinting that Onior is his real father. Hinrigh then contacts Onior and details the massacre started by the new Heil-Ly boss, suggesting that they defeat the Heil-Ly first. Onior is surprised to hear that the Spiders are helping them and the Cha-R against the Heil-Ly, telling Hinrigh to keep looking for Hisoka and stressing that they need to control the Spiders. After Hinrigh confirms that Hisoka wasn’t in Tier 4, Onior tells him to give the Spiders permission to search the tier while he (Hinrigh) looks for Hisoka in Tier 3 and kills Morena.[14]

Hinrigh tells two of his subordinates, Zakuro and Lynch, that they are restarting the search in Tier 3 and that they have more targets, eagerly adding that it’s time to crush the Heil-Ly. Hinrigh bribes a soldier to gain access to Tier 3 and says that it shouldn’t take as long to search as Tier 4. In the food court, two Heil-Ly members spot the three, but Hinrigh recognizes that they have been spotted. Zakuro and Lynch approach the man, who points out that someone is behind them. A third Heil-Ly member suddenly appears and cuts Zakuro’s neck with a knife. The first Heil-Ly member kicks Lynch hard in the midsection and sends her to the floor. Hinrigh follows the female Heil-Ly member and promises to spare her life if she takes him to her boss. However, the woman says that the soldiers won’t allow him to hurt civilians even if they are cooperating with the Mafia. Hinrigh then realizes that the Heil-Ly members didn’t list themselves as Mafia members and that their killing spree has nothing to do with money or turf.[14]

Back in the food court, the first Heil-Ly member stands over Lynch and orders her to answer his questions. However, as Lynch tells him that he should be helping his friend, Zakuro uses his blood on the second member, wrapping it around his body and slamming him to the floor. Zakuro thanks him for cutting him since he usually doesn’t have the courage to do so. It’s stated that Zakuro is a Manipulator who can manipulate his blood at will and that his IV line is practical and acts as a limitation. With the first member now distracted, Lynch asks him how many Heil-Ly members there are before punching him hard in the midsection. The answer of 23 suddenly comes from his body, leaving the man extremely confused. Lynch then asks about the group’s abilities and punches him repeatedly, with the man revealing everything he knows about Morena’s ability. With the Heil-Ly member now lying motionless, Lynch wonders if he even has Nen and says that she can’t question him if he’s unconscious. It’s stated that Lynch is an Emitter who can force her target to answer a question by punching them and having their inner voice respond (which is not audible to others).[14]

Hinrigh using his ability to kill two soldiers

As the three Xi-Yu members regroup, Hinrigh explains that the Heil-Ly members are considered civilians since they bypassed the Justice Bureau. Two soldiers approach them, and one says that while their actions were in self-defense, they will have to leave Tier 3, threatening to arrest them if they return. Hinrigh quickly apologizes and gives them both bribes, touching their guns as he does so and promising that they won’t be back. As the three walk away, Hinrigh tells his comrades that they can also bend the rules. The two soldiers celebrate getting paid by three gangs for just standing around, but they both look down at their guns and suddenly see that the barrels have turned into snakes. The reptiles quickly open their mouths and shoot out bullets toward the soldier opposite them, instantly killing them. As their bodies fall to the floor and people run away screaming, Hinrigh says that he wasn’t able to keep his promise and tells his comrades to come with him. It’s stated that Hinrigh is a Conjurer who can transform a weapon or piece of machinery he touches into an animal. He can then control the creature, which keeps the function of the original weapon/object.[14]


Anime and Manga Differences

The Mafia's territories across the world

  • While in the manga the precise divisions of the Mafia territories are not revealed,[4] they are color coded in the 2011 anime adaptation.[49]


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