Map of the Island 島の地図 (detailed ver.) - is a card found in the Greed Island game. This is a standard card that can be obtained by the player. These cards can be placed in the player's "Free Slots".

Card InfoEdit

Type: Free Slot Card G.I Free Card - Border
Name: Map of the Island 島の地図

(Shima no Chizu)

Number: #101
Rank: D

Transformation: 70

Card Effect: A detailed map of the island, with all towns and markers already shown.
How to Obtain: Can be purchased from Masadora. (For 650,000 Jenny Currency Symbol)


Map of the Island 島の地図 (detailed ver.) - This card presents the user with a map of the island. This map already contains useful markers and locations upon purchase, giving the player a detailed view of the island.

Card DescriptionEdit

[Jap] No.101 :: 島の地図


[Eng] No.101 :: Map of the Island

A map described in detail about place names or towns. Recommended spot deals and special information, such as the 'back road' paths also. Full.

Card FormsEdit


  • Upon buying a map for Greed Island, Gon and Killua did not choose this card and instead they bought the Map of the Island 'empty'.