Map of the Island 島の地図 - is a card found in the Greed Island game. It is one of the game's 100 designated slot cards and so is required for a player to complete the game.

Card InfoEdit

Type: Free Slot Card G.I Free Card - Border
Name: Map of the Island 島の地図

(Shima no Chizu)

Number: #100
Rank: G

Transformation: 400

Card Effect: Gives the player an empty map that automatically fills in as they explore.
How to Obtain: Purchase from an in-game shop. Commonly found at Masadora.


Map of the Island 島の地図 - This card presents the user with a map of the island. There are no markers or towns labelled on the map at the time of purchase. The map will automatically fill itself in as the player explores the island. This card can be purchased by any good card shop for 20,000 Jenny Currency Symbol (typically found at Masadora).

Card DescriptionEdit

[Jap] No.100 :: 島の地図


[Eng] No.100 :: Map of the Island

Only the form of the island is shown. By moving and stocking information, contents of the map is gradually filled in by magic.

Card FormsEdit