"We'll accept anything you leave here, but don't ever take anything away from us."

— Meteor City's motto, in "September 4th: Part 1"

Meteor City ((りゅう)(せい)(がい)()()()()()()(), Ryūseigai) is a junkyard city inhabited by outcasts. People who live there do not exist in any official records and the existence of the city itself is known to very few people.[5]


Not much is known about the city; much of the information on it is shrouded in mystery. It is rumored to be at least five hundred years old,[5] and to have been founded as an internment camp set up by a dictator.[6] Since then, it has been a dumping ground for other countries. The city is said to be the most diverse place on the planet and its population is estimated at eight to ten million people,[note 1] who live in an area about the size of the Lapet Republic (approximately 5,985.74 km², or 2,311.11 sq. mi.).[5]

Since most of its inhabitants don't have any personal records, the city has become a huge source of untraceable hitmen and assassins. Taking advantage of this, the Mafia Community often invests a lot in the city so they can always have a large reserve of recruits.[6] The inhabitants share remarkable bonds that have been described as "thinner than water, and yet thicker than blood." They have been described as willing to lay down their own lives for their compatriots. This was speculated to be the result of indoctrination from an early age.[5]

The city is run as a gerontocracy, in which an assembly of elders oversees the city. They are said to make counter-productive decisions over logic. A noteworthy example is when the Chimera Ant Zazan laid siege against the city and started to create her own army of mutant hybrid Ants. Before the assembly decided to retaliate, they argued whether those who had been transformed should be considered dead or alive. This is because many of the victims didn't survive the transformation process and were discarded, while some of those who did survive joined Zazan's army.[1] In the aftermath of the situation, the assembly argue whether they should expand their retaliation to the real Chimera Ant Queen.[2]


Outsider Threat

Chrollo tells Hisoka that when someone in the outside world attacked one of Meteor City's residents, the elder used his The Sun and Moon ability to turn one of their compatriots into a bomb in order to deliver a message.[7]

The Vagrant Incident

Ten years prior to the mayhem caused by the Phantom Troupe in Yorknew City, a vagrant without papers was arrested for murder. When the local law enforcement tried to look for information about him, they found nothing. The man confessed that he was from Meteor City and insisted on his innocence, but the police of the country prosecuted him anyway and the court found him guilty without giving him an adequate defense. Three years later, after a drug addict was arrested, it was discovered that he was the criminal behind the murder and that the vagrant was innocent after all.[5]

Shortly after this, a total of 31 people consisting the beat cops, the judge, the prosecutor, his defense and even the jury and witnesses that were involved in the case were assassinated by the means of suicide bombings. The message found near what was left of their bodies read: "We'll accept anything you leave here, but don't ever take anything away from us." Their assassins were 31 Meteor City residents carrying bombs in their pockets. Each of them approached their intended target, offered them a handshake while smiling and then blew themselves up, at different locations exactly at the same time. The reason is due to the fact that one of their brethren was unfairly condemned, so 31 of them gave up their lives to take down another 31 in the name of revenge.[5]

Kurta Clan Massacre

Several years prior to the 287th Hunter Exam, the Phantom Troupe approached the Kurta Clan for their valuable Scarlet Eyes and massacred all 128 villagers. It's reported that family members were made to face one another and stabbed multiple times, with their heads severed while they were still alive. Pure clan members had their eyes gouged out, while those who married into the clan had their eyes squashed and sustained more brutal wounds than the others. The adult males had the most wounds, but it's assumed that these were sustained during a struggle before they were captured. Those who were not related by blood to the clan were said to be mutilated in order to set an example. After this, the heads of those with Scarlet Eyes were all severed successively. Since the scarlet color is caused by anger and makes the eyes more valuable, it's reported that the Troupe members mutilated the children in front of their parents in order to intensify the scarlet color. Lastly, a message was left behind that read: "We'll accept anything you leave here, but don't ever take anything away from us."[8]


Yorknew City arc

When the Mafia Community attempts to identify the "dead" Phantom Troupe members, a hacker hypothesizes that they might be from Meteor City. He goes on to explain the details of Meteor City and why the identities of the Troupe members will never be discovered. He points out that they are against the wrong people and says that the Ten Dons would agree with him. In a flashback, four original Troupe members including Chrollo are seen tossing around a videotape amid the city's garbage heaps.[5]

After the bounties on the Troupe members are canceled, Melody relays this information to Kurapika. Leorio explains to a confused Gon the history of Meteor City and their way of life.[6]

Pakunoda has a flashback and remembers the founding of the Troupe at Meteor City where Chrollo stressed the importance of the Spider as a whole.[9]

Chimera Ant arc

Half of the members of the Phantom Troupe returns to Meteor City to kill Zazan, who has been turning the residents into Ants to use as soldiers.[1] They are successful in defeating the invading Ants and eventually kill their compatriots who have been turned into creatures.[2] After Meruem's death, Bizeff drives an RV with Welfin and Hina inside, saying that he has nowhere to go except Meteor City now that he's banished. Welfin guesses that Gyro is also making his way there and collecting the necessary resources to build his own country.[10]


The Phantom Troupe

The Phantom Troupe was founded in Meteor City,[9] where most of the current members hail from. Leorio pointed out that the Troupe destroyed the ideal partnership between the city and the Mafia, adding that the group may be considered special even within the city.[6]

Kikyo Zoldyck

According to the official databook, Kikyo Zoldyck is from Meteor City.[3] This fact was never mentioned in the manga or anime adaptations.

Canary and Gotoh

A character guidebook for the 1999 anime adaptation revealed that both Canary and Gotoh originated from Meteor City.[4]

In the 2011 anime adaptation, Canary also tells Killua that if he ever wishes to visit someday, she will happily act as his guide.[11]

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic مدينة ميتيور (Madinat Maytiur)
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Cidade Cometa ["Comet City"]
China Flag.png Chinese 流星街* (Liúxīng jiē)
The Czech Republic Flag.png Czech Ryūseigai
France Flag.png French L'Étoile Filante ["The Shooting Star"]
Meteor City
Italy Flag.png Italian Città delle Stelle Cadenti ["City of Shooting Stars"]
Poland Flag.png Polish Miasto Meteor
Russia Flag.png Russian Метеоритная зона (Meteoritnaya zona) ["Meteorite zone"]
Spain Flag.png Spanish Ciudad Meteoro


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  1. The official translation of Chapter 102 incorrectly stated that 80 million people live in Meteor City. The mistake was rectified in Chapter 105.