Midonite (ミドニテ, Midonite) is a country located in an undisclosed continent.[1]


Midonite is the country where the plot of Hunter × Hunter: Altar of Dragon Vein takes place.[1]


Altar of Dragon Vein

Gon and Killua team up with Romaria an investigation officer of the Midonite Government Environment Protection Bureau to explore a couple of newly discovered ruins in the Midonite region. In their adventure, they uncover a devious plot of a banished Hunter by the name of Zegin Highline and his associates Amane and Sabaki who seeks the power of the Dragon Vein in the Forest Ruins. They stop their plan and later help a fellow Hunter Ogyu, seek out the Goddess Advent Cards so he can have his wish granted to him. Once this is achieved he makes his wish and goes on another adventure to seek out the cards once again.[1]


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