Mimic (lit. Mimicry (擬態(トランスフォーム) Transform), rom. Toransufōmu) is a spell card that can be found in the Greed Island game. It allows the caster to transform one of their cards into a card they already possess.

Card InfoEdit

Type: Spell Card G.I Spell Card - Border
Name: Mimic 擬態(トランスフォーム) (Toransufōmu)
Number: #1010
Rank: A
Transformation: 20
Class Short Range Spell
Regular Spell
G.I Spell - ShortRange
G.I Spell - Regular
Card Effect: Transform a card into a copy of a target card that the caster already owns (it fails if target card's transformation limits is already exceeded).
How to Obtain: (unknown)


This card allows the user to transform any of their cards into one that they already own, provided the target card has not already reached its conversion limit. The transformed card retains the same abilities as the original. It also allows the transformed card to be placed in any restricted card slot, provided that it matched the designated slot number of the original card the transform was based on. The transformed card can be placed in the designated slot or in one of the user's free slots. Any player who views the caster's card list will see the transformed copy, preventing them from knowing if it is an original or not. The transformed card will only revert if the original user wants it to, or if a Paladin's Necklace is used. Transformed cards do count as the original and can be used instead of the original, meaning that somebody using a transformed card doesn't need the original to complete the game. It is commonly used in trades or to establish monopolies.

Card DescriptionEdit

[Jap] No.1010 :: 擬態(トランスフォーム)


[Eng] No.1010 :: Transform

Makes 1 held card transform into a different held card.

Card FormsEdit


  • The Viz translation swapped the name of this card with "Clone" for unknown reasons.
  • In Chapter 185 Gon uses this card to transform an Accompany card into a Plot of Beach card so he could place it into his restricted card slots and take it out of the game.