Mitsuba (ミツバ, Mitsuba) was a female servant of the Zoldyck Family.[1]


Mitsuba was a young woman with blond hair and freckles. She wore the standard Zoldyck butler uniform.[1]


She was a cheery woman, who listened to the orders given to her. It was likely she really cared for Alluka, as seen when she became upset and began tearing up when she was forced to refuse all of her requests.[1]


Mitsuba was a butler for the Zoldyck family, before she was crushed to death, after denying four of Alluka's requests.[1]


13th Hunter Chairman Election arcEdit

138 - Declining Alluka's requests

Mitsuba declines Alluka's requests

Mitsuba is seen in a flashback in regards to Alluka. In the flashback, Mitsuba unintentionally becomes the first person (other than Killua) who witnesses Alluka entering her wish-granting mode; after she fulfills three consecutive requests made by Alluka. Kikyo later orders Mitsuba to decline any request made by Alluka to test the unknown ability. Obeying the order, she refuses Alluka's requests four times in a row and as a result she is crushed to death together with her lover Hassam, another butler of the Zoldyck family, by the unknown and yet to be understood power that resides in Alluka.[1]


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