Mizuri (ミズリ, Mizuri) is a Corporal of the Royal Army of the Kakin Empire.[1]


Mizuri is a dark-skinned man with dark kinky hair and sideburns. He wears a military uniform of zipper jacket, pants, dark combat boots, and army helmet.


As a soldier, Mizuri seems to take his responsibilities seriously, insisting that he should escort important guests. Although a bit stubborn, he easily concedes to someone with more authority on the matter, such as Botobai Gigante.[1]


Succession Contest arc

Chap 380 - Botobai and Mizaistom find Illumi

Botobai and Mizaistom arrive

After the announcement of a quasi-martial law and dangerous stowaway on the ship, Corporal Mizuri and his men find two suspicious people on Tier 3. Mizuri demands Illumi Zoldyck and Kalluto Zoldyck's tickets, which he produces from the former's pocket. After confirming their status as VVIP, he asks them why they are in that place, to which Illumi answers that he has business there. Mizuri insists on escorting them back, but Illumi refuses. Botobai accompanied by Mizaistom interrupt the exchange and inform the corporal that Illumi is also a Hunter. Mizuri understands and ceases his inquiries.[1]

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic ميزوري


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