Monta Yuras (モンタ゠ユーラス, Monta Yūrasu), nicknamed "Mon" (モン, Mon), is an Amateur Hunter and member of the former Wildlife Exploration Team surveying the Kakin Empire for new species with Kite. According to the latter, Monta has excellent potential to be a Pro-Hunter. He seems to be in charge of the luggage.[1]


Mon is a large man with a koala-like face, and wears a plain green shirt and plain brown pants.


Chibi Gon and Killua
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Chimera Ant arcEdit

Monta (or Mon) is first introduced carrying all of the heavy luggage they used during the scouting trip. When Mon and the group return to Kite, Mon says they're back, but is confused whom Gon and Killua are. Mon is surprised to find out that Gon is the son of the legendary Hunter Ging Freecss and starts to tremble when he learns Killua's full name and that he's a part of the renowned group of assassins; the Zoldyck Family. Kite then informs the group that Gon and Killua are Pro-Hunters and their seniors, leaving the group in a complete daze.[1]

Later Mon and the other Amateur Hunters with Gon, Killua, and Kite all gather around a camp fire and talk amongst each other until Mon brings up the fact that he and the others haven't introduced themselves yet and introduces himself as Monta Yuras, but everyone calls him Mon.[1] With their exploration of Kakin completed, Kite and the Amateur Hunters report their findings to the Kakin Zoologist Wong. In thanks for their hard work, Wong informs the group that the Southernpiece Auction House obtained a strange part of an amazing and unknown species of sort, and they're now hiring Hunters to find and capture a live specimen.[2]

Thanks to Wong's influence Monta with the other Amateur Hunters, Gon, Killua, and Kite manage to see the part of the unknown species at the Auction House. After examining the part, Podungo expresses interest in analyzing the piece and Monta volunteers to stay behind to help her. Podungo later contacts Kite and informs him the part came from a Chimera Ant Queen.[2] Sometime after the search on the beach the Amateur Hunters research 10 or more people whom have gone missing in the last 6 months and come up with nothing. So after learning that the Chimera Ant Queen could be in the Mitene Union near NGL, Kite and group head to the NGL Border are greeted by two representatives.[3]

After various screening and examinations performed to exclude any visitors not meeting the NGL conditions, almost all of the Amateur Hunters aside from Stick and Podungo go with Kite, Gon, and Killua to explore NGL, while the rest of them return to the nearest town and wait for Kite's instructions within the next 2 weeks.[4] When Killua contacts Spin whom yells at him, for leaving Kite behind; Mon immediately snatches the cellphone from Spin, much to her dismay. Mon while nervous tells him he understands and wants him to wait where he is, because they're on their way with some help.[5]

13th Hunter Chairman Election arcEdit

Epis 148 (2011) - Observing Small-billed Swans -22.47-

Observing the Small-billed Swans

Monta along with the other Amateur Hunters, Kite, and Koala wave goodbye to Gon, after he visits Kite.[6] Monta along with his fellow Amateur Hunters, Kite, Koala, and Gon visit Spin's hometown and spectate a large flock of Small-billed Swans fly into the sky.[7]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic مونتا يوراس
Russia Flag Russian Монта Юлиус


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