Mosquito (蚊, Ka) was one of the Chimera Ant Soldiers in Yunju's Squad division.


82 - Mosquito's appearance

Mosquito's anime appearance

Mosquito was a Chimera Ant that resembled a humanoid mosquito with mannequin-like articulations like most of the Chimera Ants. She had insect-like wings, arms that were as long as her legs and insect-like hands and feet. She had short dirty blonde hair and large breasts. She wore a brown low-cut brassiere, a short skirt to hide her extendable tail from her enemies, and a dust mask to hide her mouth's stinger.


Mosquito was cruel and sadistic. However, she met her death with impressive acceptance, blaming her own weakness.


Chimera Ant arc

When Gon, Killua, and Kite meet Yunju's division inside a hidden drug factory of NGL. They start to fight and Mosquito is sent after Killua.[1]

Snake awakens

Killua attacks Mosquito

At the start of the fight, Mosquito asks Killua what doggy name he prefers, but Killua immediately destroys her right arm forcing her to use her poisonous sting. Believing that the sting from her mouth was the poisonous one, Killua dodges it but falls into Mosquito's trap. In fact, she was only using her mouth's sting to distract him and hit him with her real poisonous sting in her tail. After this she lowered her guard, not realizing that Killua is immune to poison, she then has her neck broken and her head turned upside down by Killua. Realizing that she had no way of ever beating him, Mosquito admits Killua's superiority before being killed by him.[2]

Abilities & Powers

82 - Mosquito's poisonous tail

Mosquito's poisonous sting

Mosquito, like all Chimera Ants, is stronger than normal humans. In battle, she uses her mouth's sting to distract the targets and hit them with the poisonous sting in her tail. The loss of one arm seemed to cause her no pain, only making her furious. Her wings give her the ability to fly, although she fights at ground level.[2]


  • Chimera Ant arc:
    • Mosquito vs. Killua Zoldyck[1][2]


  • The character's name is only given by Madhouse for the 2011 anime (in the credits). No name is given in the manga.
    • She is referred to as 蚊女[3] (Ka On'na,[4] literally "Mosquito Woman/Girl").
      • In the credits for the English dub: "Mosquito".[3]

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic بعوضة
France Flag French Kimera Ant Moustique


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