Mosquitone (モスキート()(おん)()()()()()()()(), Mosukīto On—lit. "Mosquito Sound") is a device used to have secret conversations between young people by emitting high-frequency sounds.[1]


The Mosquitone has an egg-shaped appearance, it has a speaker on top of the device, and there is a small rectangular button on the bottom that activates the high-frequency sound.[1]


Succession Contest arc

During the third and fourth days of the Black Whale voyage to the New Continent, Prince Kacho uses Mosquitone to secretly communicate in Morse code with Melody about her escape plan.[1][2]


  • The name of the device is most likely a junction of the words "mosquito" and "tone".

Intertextuality and References

  • The concept behind the device is similar to the real-life:
    • The Mosquito (or Mosquito alarm)—a machine that emits high-frequency sounds used to deter loitering by young people;
    • and the "Teen Buzz", "the Mosquito ringtone", or "Mosquitone"—a "mosquito sound" made into a mobile phone ringtone that is sold commercially.
  • The shape of the device is similar to that of the Tamagotchi device.


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