Muna (ムーナ, Mūna) was an ordinary tourist visiting Kukuroo Mountain.[1]


Muna was a man of average height and had medium length brown hair which he tied to the back of his head. He wore a green hoodie and gray pants. While on his tour to Kukuroo Mountain, he was seen with a camera and a backpack.[1]


While visiting Kukuroo Mountain one day, he met Milluki, who was taking a walk with Alluka and Kalluto. Alluka then asked him to eat a raw mushroom she had picked up on the ground. Seeing this, Milluki tricked Muna into declining all of Alluka's requests to test the effects of Alluka's ability. As a result, he died and it is implied that some of his acquaintances were killed by Alluka's power as well.[1]


13th Hunter Chairman Election arc

Muna is a part of a flashback detailing the discovery of the power residing in Alluka and the Zoldyck Family's attempt to understand and/or exploit it.[1]

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic مونا
France Flag French Muuna


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