Mushaho (ムシャホ, Mushaho) is the Captain of Queen Swinko-swinko's Royal Guard.[1]


Mushaho has fair, short hair, a broad, protruding forehead, a prominent chin, and no visible eyebrows. As a Royal Bodyguard, he wears a black suit and a tie.[1]


Mushaho appears to be rather mission-oriented and loyal to his employer.[2]


Succession Contest arc

Mushaho oversees a lewd and outrageous party held by Prince Salé-salé.[1] Mushaho and another one of Salé-salé's bodyguards are seen stationed outside the Prince's door, as Kurapika and Queen Oito with Prince Woble set out for their meeting with Prince Zhang Lei.[3] He's later seen with three other bodyguards witness the Prince chastised by his mother, Queen Swinko-swinko.[4]

Participants of the Nen training

Mushaho attends the meeting held in Prince Woble's quarters to learn about Nen. He thinks that he's certain the Prince is delighted by his absence and that his current position is impervious enough that no other bodyguard in his division would be able to do it.[2] When introductions are given, he introduces himself as the Captain of Queen Swinko-swinko's Royal Guard and afterwards he witnesses the death of Barrigen by a pack of white snakes.[5] Kurapika forbids his students from using firearms, which Mushaho objects to, seemingly to no avail. After a 15-minute intermission, he is still resolute to take part in the lessons and follows Kurapika's instructions.[6] He then partakes in the Nen training, until the end of the training session.[7] Following Salé-salé's demise, Mushaho stopped attending the lectures.[8]

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic موشاهو (Mushahu)
China Flag.png Chinese 目沙荷* (Mù shā hé)
木下或* (Mùxià huò)


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