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"If anyone had to bear the brunt of his rage, I'm glad I was the one to die!!"

— Neferpitou referring to Gon Freecss in "Relief"

Neferpitou (ネフェルピトー, Neferupitō), nicknamed Pitou (ピトー, Pitō), was a cat-humanoid Chimera Ant and the firstborn of the Chimera Ant King's three Royal Guards. They also served as one of the main antagonists of the Chimera Ant arc.


Neferpitou 2011 Design

Neferpitou's anime adaptation design

Pitou 300

Neferpitou's later full body appearance

Neferpitou had the appearance of a humanoid cat with wavy white hair. Their cat-like ears and tail were covered with yellow and white fur, respectively. They had ruby-red eyes, and their knees had demarcated joints like insect legs. Neferpitou's hands were slightly larger than an average human hand. Their clothes were a blue overcoat with six yellow buttons and cuff links, shorts and orange socks with thin black stripes, and a pair of blue shoes.


Neferpitou hesitates

Pitou is torn between wanting to fight and protecting the King

Neferpitou was very loyal to the King and would sacrifice themself for him. Of the three Royal Guards, Pitou was the most curious and would get distracted easily and loved to play, and according to Shaiapouf, would get carried away when having fun.[2] Pitou was a cat Chimera Ant, and like a cat, loved to play with their opponents like a cat would with their prey. Despite their cheerful and playful manner though, Pitou had a cruel and terrifying personality as well. Pitou also took their duty to protect the King seriously and was willing to sacrifice their chance to fight strong opponents to fulfill their duty.

Unlike Menthuthuyoupi and Shaiapouf, Neferpitou did not seem to mind Meruem's later newfound interests in Komugi. Thus, among the three Royal Guards, Neferpitou was the only one that greatly prioritized Komugi's safety as opposed to Menthuthuyoupi and Shaiapouf's hatred towards Komugi, something Neferpitou was aware of which created distrust in regards to the matter, for making their king deviate from the path they envisioned for him.

116 - Neferpitou protects Komugi

Pitou protects Komugi

Pitou's loyalty and devotion to the King were so great, that during Komugi's operation to save her life from the injuries caused by Zeno's Dragon Dive, Pitou showed their vulnerability and fear since they had no means to defend themself from Gon's wrath for what they had done to Kite. As a result, for the first time, Pitou surrendered to Gon and Killua. They asked them for mercy with no consideration of fighting them by putting their hands upward—a signal that predators use to surrender—to show a lack of malice in order to fulfill the King's order to save Komugi. When surrendering, they expressed their true affection for the king, understanding that Komugi helped Meruem become the individual he was now, and if Komugi was killed, Meruem would cease to be who he was now. Even after their death, Pitou's Nen still remained; their Terpsichora, even stronger than before, manipulated their corpse to attack Gon to protect the King.

Despite their intense loyalty to the King, that loyalty did not extend whatsoever towards the Queen. While Pitou did initially support the Queen and was willing to help feed her, this was only done out of the desire to help the King be born. This loyalty immediately faded once he was born, and even though Pitou could have healed the Queen with Doctor Blythe, they simply said now that the King was born, the Queen was of no use anymore. Pitou went so far as to call the Queen a "thing", demonstrating little respect for their progenitress. However, they did have cordial relationships with some of the other Chimera Ants such as Peggy, Colt, and Rammot, and was not very strict with them despite being their superior.


Neferpitou was the first of the three Royal Guards born for the Chimera Ant King.[3] They were personally named by the Queen, as were the other Royal Guards.[4] Like Menthuthuyoupi,[5] Neferpitou appeared to have no memories of their previous life, if they had one.


Chimera Ant arc

Neferpitou awakes

Neferpitou is born

Neferpitou first appears when Rammot and Peggy look for the missing rare prey, Pokkle, in the Chimera Ant nest in NGL. Rammot, having acquired Nen after being attacked with it and beginning to fantasize about seizing power, suddenly feels Neferpitou's frightening aura. Attracted by their conversation, Neferpitou enters the room, their aura alone stumping Rammot's ambition. They smell life hidden under a pile of bones, discovering Pokkle.[3] Neferpitou prods his brain with what appears to be knitting needles to extract information about Nen. They have Rammot try Water Divination first, then they take the test as well. The leaf withers away, revealing them as a Specialist. Neferpitou then introduces themself and orders that Pokkle be fed to the Queen. They organize a "conferment ceremony" in which Squadron Leaders and Officers are to be struck by Rammot to open their Aura Nodes. As Neferpitou thinks to themself that it must be tough to be ordinary and have to go to such lengths to acquire power,[1] someone triggers their En.[2]

Pitou with Kite's head anime

A victorious Neferpitou carrying Kite's head soon after their fight

Neferpitou leaves Peggy in charge and heads out to test their power. They glimpse Kite, Gon, and Killua in the distance. With a single leap, they reach them and sever Kite's right arm. Neferpitou ignores Killua as he drags an unconscious Gon away and focuses on Kite. When the latter conjures his Crazy Slots, Neferpitou delights in the possibilities granted by Nen.[1] Neferpitou battles and kills Kite. Sitting under a tree with his head on their lap, they command the Ants in the nest to prepare a large freezing chamber to preserve their "collection" and comment they are quite powerful.[6]

HxH2011 EP86 Pitou forming a Nen ability

Pitou forming their Nen ability

Having enjoyed the duel, Neferpitou sits longingly in front of Kite's corpse and wishes to fight him again. They thus create an ability to "fix" him.[7] The reanimated corpse is used by the other Ants as a training tool.[8] That night, Isaac Netero observes Neferpitou sitting on top of the nest and wonders if they could be stronger than him.[9] A group of non-living things enters the range of their En. While they muse about their course of action, Shaiapouf appears and divines their thoughts, leading Neferpitou to wonder if they were thinking out loud. The newborn Royal Guard recommends waiting and informs Neferpitou that Menthuthuyoupi will awaken shortly. Neferpitou thinks Shaiapouf is weird, which, having guessed their thoughts again, the other Ant acknowledges.[10]

91 - the Royal Guards

The Royal Guards greet the newborn King

When Netero, Morel, and Knov begin to wipe out the squadrons sent out to gather food, Colt and Peggy ask for their advice. Engrossed in their research in a chemistry lab, Neferpitou leaves the two of them in charge of outside dealings, stating the Royal Guards will defend the nest.[11] They greet Menthuthuyoupi when he is born.[12] When the King is born, the Royal Guards' alliance shifts to him. Neferpitou informs him a meal has been prepared for him and that his wish shall be their command. As they head to the roof, Colt asks Neferpitou to heal the Queen, who was mutilated during the birth of the King. Neferpitou refuses on the grounds that they had a use for Kite, but none for the Queen. Noticing the King's disappointment with the food, Neferpitou says they do not use any seasonings. Understanding the King is referring to prey capable of using Nen, the Royal Guards escort him as he looks for some.[13]

Pouf watches the King kill

Pitou watches the King killing humans

The King kills two farmers, but their taste is not to his liking. Neferpitou informs him that the most delicious part of humans is their brain, and as such, it would be better not to damage it. They clap when the King kills a human child without harming their head. Despite recognizing the taste is better, the King is still not satisfied. Neferpitou tries to tell him that Gyo can be used to identify rare prey, but the King, feeling insulted, cuts them off with a tail strike to the face. Neferpitou asks for their forgiveness and the King commends them for their strength, as he attacked with the intent to kill.[14]

Meruem arrives at Kakin

Meruem and the Royal Guards before Ming Jol-ik

The Royal Guards escort the King to the Royal Palace of East Gorteau. Once inside, the King stops Neferpitou before they can tell him the soldier in front of them is a rare.[15] Neferpitou notices his aura increase after he consumes the soldier, and they conclude the King's ability is to absorb the aura of the Nen users he eats. They then give him advice on how to herd humans. When he kills Ming Jol-ik, Neferpitou decides to reassemble his body and control it to manipulate the citizens of the Republic of East Gorteau.[16] Neferpitou then uses their ability on several members of the military. Under the guise of Ming Jol-ik, they order all citizens of the nation to gather in the capital, where the Ants will forcibly try to awaken them to Nen in order to gather high-quality food as well as to give the King an army to conquer the world. The process, called "Selection", is expected to take the lives of 5 million people.[17] Contrary to the expectations of the Extermination Team members, Neferpitou begins the Selection as soon as the citizens begin to mobilize, starting from the western border.[18] They succeed in producing about 5,000 Nen users, who are put into cocoons by Shaiapouf. However, they amount to only 20% of the planned quota,[19] as someone has been disabling Neferpitou's puppets.[20]

99 - Pitou and Pouf

Neferpitou and Shaiapouf discuss the assassin problem

Neferpitou wonders if they should head out to stop him or if he is a decoy and request Shaiapouf's advice. The other Royal Guard dismisses the assassin as a mere decoy, to which Neferpitou objects he is being careful not to get caught, so he might not be trying to lure them out. They thus entrust the matter to Leol's Squad, the leader and Officers of which have sworn fealty to the King in return for Nen abilities. Since they are unable to use telepathy, Neferpitou gives them a phone to update them on the assassin's location. After they leave, Menthuthuyoupi asks if they can be trusted. Neferpitou replies they cannot, but since they are trying to earn their trust, they can be useful until they attempt to betray them. To obstruct the assassin, Neferpitou has Ming Jol-ik place the country under martial law and warn the populace against dissidents.[21]

Neferpitou informs Leol that the assassin has defeated an infantry battalion in Luonton and, based on a hunch, tells him to prepare an ambush north of the city. Menthuthuyoupi interjects the military is not enough, to which Neferpitou replies they are just stalling him, as he has been on the move for 30 hours.[22] Killua's actions, however, convince Morel and Knov to intervene as well. The former spreads his "Smoke Troopers" all over the capital, forcing Neferpitou to relocate their puppets there and stop the remote Selection.[23] Neferpitou tasks Leol with terminating the intruders. The former Squadron Leader requests help, and Neferpitou agrees to send Welfin and Bloster on the condition that Leol complete his mission quickly, as the King might want to head out himself when he is done playing board games, whereas the Royal Guards would rather he stayed safe in the palace until the Selection begins in the capital.[24]

Unexpectedly, the King rips off his own arm while playing Gungi with Komugi.[25] Neferpitou is forced to deactivate their puppets and En to activate Doctor Blythe and treat him. Shaiapouf takes over guard duty while, unbeknownst to them, Knov sneaks into the palace to set up some portals.[26] When the operation is completed, Neferpitou reactivates their puppets and En and perceive the presence of Palm,[27] who infiltrated the palace by tricking Bizeff.[28] The woman stabs herself, but, intrigued by her aura, Neferpitou saves them. They and Shaiapouf make her into a new type of human-Ant hybrid where they attempt to sever the connection between her memories and her emotional responses.[27]

Neferpitou returns to their post. Welfin reports Leol's death and that the soldiers Neferpitou senses are made out of smoke. The Royal Guard itches to fight, but recognizes they cannot leave their post.[29] That night, the King summons his Royal Guards, bothered by his lack of a name. Neferpitou recommends he choose a name for himself. Recounting that Komugi awakened to Nen as they played, the King enquirers what would have happened to her if she had gone through the Selection, to which Neferpitou replies that, due to her low combat potential, she would have died.[30] After the King leaves to kill her, Neferpitou listens to Shaiapouf's concerns about the girl and concedes the King has changed since she came.[31] Through their En, they feel her being attacked by a hawk, but they do not intervene.[2]

The rally of citizens finally reaches the capital. While conferring with the other Royal Guards, Neferpitou perceives the presence of new enemies. The Royal Guards are concerned about an ambush during the Sorting, which the King himself intends to take part in. By exclusion, Shaiapouf is chosen to keep watch over him discreetly. The enemies Neferpitou felt disappear, causing them to believe they used Zetsu and slipped among the crowd. The King calls on Neferpitou and asks them if they knew Komugi was being attacked the night before and orders them to take action if she were threatened again.[2]

110 - Menthuthuyoupi and Neferpitou

Neferpitou prepares to face Meruem

That evening, Neferpitou smiles as the King strikes Menthuthuyoupi, giggling as all three Royal Guards have been hit by him. The Royal Guard relays to Neferpitou the King's order to shut off their En. Unwilling to take down security, Neferpitou talks to the King in person, suggesting they form a hole around the King, so he will not be distracted by their aura. The King refuses, as he would be required to either stay in one place or be continuously watched. He commands Neferpitou to use their En only on the outside of the palace, but Neferpitou worries that intruders might come from underground or manipulate the Ants who are permitted to come and go from the palace. Irritated, the King cuts them off and decrees Neferpitou's En shall go up only to the first floor and forbids anyone from coming to the second floor, including the Royal Guards, under pain of death.[32]

111 - Dragons above the palace

Dragon Dive pierces the palace

To monitor the crowd, Neferpitou sits atop the main gate. Compelled by a feeling they cannot explain, they look up and jump on the top of the palace. Neferpitou becomes convinced that enemies are coming and extends their En upward. They rejoice upon seeing a dragon made out of aura, but an instant later, they spot two men riding it: Isaac Netero and Zeno Zoldyck. When the dragon touches their En, Neferpitou smiles upon feeling his power. They turn off their Nen to prepare for battle, but, much to their displeasure, the dragon breaks into a myriad of shards that rain down on the palace.[33] Neferpitou is initially unable to locate the two men among the shards, but their heightened senses allow them to find Netero an instant later, whom they recognize as a far greater threat than Dragon Dive. They activate Terpsichora, but, before they can launch an attack, they think they hear Netero criticize their move and see him elegantly join his hands together; then, a tremendously fast blow strikes them from below Netero's position. Shocked, Neferpitou is launched into the distance.[34] They try to call Shaiapouf, but the latter cannot hear them. Therefore, they activate Doctor Blythe to stop their flight and begin to drop. As they fall, they are horrified to see Dragon Dive strike the palace.[35]

Neferpitou Crying - Episode 112

Neferpitou, moved

They immediately extend their En towards the palace, discovering that the King is in Komugi's room with her and that the two assassins, who located him with En, are headed there. Neferpitou curls up and jumps with all their strength the moment they touch the ground. As they soar through the air towards the tower, they feel the despair in the King's aura and has a terrible feeling. They then see his distraught expression as he clutches the wounded girl.[36] His expression returns to normal, but Neferpitou only feels more uneasy. He orders them to heal Komugi, and upon hearing his tone, the Royal Guard cries with joy. They activate Doctor Blythe and begin treating her.[37]

116 - Neferpitou asks for more time

Neferpitou implores

An enraged Gon arrives and demands that they restore Kite.[38] Determined to protect Komugi, Neferpitou turns their palms upward to show they mean no harm and requests that he wait. When Gon steps closer, Neferpitou begs them to wait until they have saved her. Pressured by Gon, they explain Komugi is extremely dear to the King and offer to do anything they want after the operation is terminated.[39] Gon, however, reacts to their words with fury. Ignoring Killua's advice, he insists on fighting. Neferpitou breaks their left arm as a sign of goodwill, offering to do the same with their other limbs and to let them do anything to them as long as it does not hinder the treatment. They look in fear as Gon prepares to attack anyway, before being stopped once again by Killua. When Gon asks them how long the operation will take,[40] Neferpitou estimates that one hour will suffice to heal her completely,[41] but tells him that three or four will be necessary. Gon refuses to wait that long, and Neferpitou asks for one hour to stabilize her condition. They agree to head to Peijin and restore Kite afterward.[40]

125 - Pitou observes Gon

Neferpitou realizes that Gon sensed Shaiapouf

A few minutes later, Neferpitou notices Gon has sensed Shaiapouf lurking behind him and begs him to remain where he is. They explain that if he had come any closer, Gon would have attacked Komugi.[42] Shaiapouf attempts to move upwind to send his hypnotic scales towards Gon, but once again Gon notices and orders him to stay still. Neferpitou implores him to obey, claiming they are doing it for the King. Shaiapouf asks them what happened, intending to find out where the King is and surreptitiously warning Neferpitou that he will let Gon kill Komugi if they do not obtain the information they want. Horrified,[43] Neferpitou agrees. They recount everything except for the King holding Komugi, not knowing how to verbalize the scene. They eventually point to the door he left through, telling Shaiapouf the King does not need their help.[44]

125 - Neferpitou

Neferpitou, planning to kill Gon

Knuckle appears and demands to fight Shaiapouf. Neferpitou guesses he is about to leave the room and begs him to stop, but the Royal Guard activates Beelzebub and escapes. Neferpitou asks for forgiveness and tries to bargain with Gon, who coldly detracts ten minutes from the stipulated time limit. Since that matches the time Neferpitou felt they could save Komugi with due to improvements in the use of their Nen ability, the Royal Guard feels a sense of foreboding and begins to fear that Gon will be able to harm the King. Their suspicions become falsely confirmed when Gon tells Knuckle the King is to the south, as they didn't know Gon saw him leave. They resolve to kill him after healing Komugi but wonder who they could leave her with, as the other two Royal Guards do not care about her.[41]

127 - Gon and Pitou leaving the palace

Neferpitou and Gon leave the palace

Neferpitou completes the operation before the deadline, but, despite their keeping the wound hidden from Gon's sight, the boy orders them to get up and leave. Neferpitou wonders about what else he could have guessed and if he sensed their relaxation when they finished. Komugi awakens and Neferpitou is about to formulate a request, but Gon warns them that if they speak out of turn again he will kill her. Sensing his killer intent, Neferpitou agrees to leave instead of killing him on the spot, reflecting that they will have countless occasions on the way to Peijin. However, their plans are foiled when Knuckle and Killua return and Gon uses Komugi as a hostage. Neferpitou and Gon thus run towards Peijin.[45]

130 - Pitou heals himself

Neferpitou uses Doctor Blythe to restore their arm

When they reach the castle where Kite's body is, Neferpitou hears the phone in their pocket vibrate and discreetly answers the call. Welfin tells them he and Bloster have rescued Komugi and lets him hear her voice. Unbeknownst to the Royal Guard, that was all a ploy concocted by Shaiapouf to get the Extermination Team to give him Komugi. Standing in front of Kite's body, Neferpitou thanks Gon for waiting and, as a reward, tells him Kite is already dead and that their ability cannot bring him back. They apologize[46] and activate Doctor Blythe to repair their broken arm. After the broken arm has been repaired, they then declare they must kill Gon. Upon hearing this, Gon is enraged and drastically increases his aura with conditions and restrictions. Sensing Gon's tremendous aura, Neferpitou activates Terpsichora and thinks that they were right about him[47] being a threat to the King. They attack him, but he vanishes. They give chase and see his aged form, realizing he grew up to a point where he could defeat them. Gon asks them to come outside with him since he didn't want to damage the hideout. As they walk outside, Neferpitou attacks Gon, but he dodges their attack again, kicks them into the air, and then charges his Jajanken: Rock. As Neferpitou plummets back down, he punches them in the face before they can retaliate and sends them crashing into a mountain. Before losing consciousness, Neferpitou realizes Gon will never be able to use Nen again due to his power-up and rejoices that they were the one to die instead of the King.[48]

Neferpitou's death

Neferpitou's death

Gon continues to bash their skull until it breaks. However, Neferpitou's loyalty and devotion to the King are so great that their Nen lingered after their death; their Terpsichora, even stronger than before, manipulates Neferpitou's corpse and attacks Gon. Killua pushes Gon out of the way, causing only his arm to be severed. Gon then pins Neferpitou to the ground with the arm he lost, and uses one final attack against Neferpitou.[49] Their motionless corpse is later shown abandoned in the woods.[50]

Gender Ambiguity

Pitou's differences

Neferpitou's different depictions in both the anime and the manga

Ch304 profile

Pitou's bust in Chapter 304

This article uses the gender-neutral pronouns they/their/them (in singular form) to describe Neferpitou due to the following reasons:

  • The only official statement regarding Neferpitou's gender appears in the databook. It refers to Neferpitou using the pronoun "彼” (kare),* which is usually translated to “he”.[51]
  • In the dubbed anime, Neferpitou is regarded as a "he" by many Chimera Ants and other characters.
  • When speaking casually, Neferpitou uses the pronoun “boku” (translated to “I” in English) which is often used by boys and young men, though women may use the pronoun as well.
  • Neferpitou is described like a "mother" protecting a child,[39] but since Killua was speaking metaphorically, the validity of this statement has yet to be ascertained.
  • On the cover of Volume 28, which is implied to be based on the Coronation of the Virgin Mary, Neferpitou takes the middle position which corresponds to Virgin Mary's.
  • In the manga, Neferpitou's chest is usually (but not always) flat. In contrast, the 2011 anime depicts Neferpitou by giving them a consistent bust. In both depictions, Neferpitou is given wide (shoulder-width) hips with a slim waist, and a low waist-hip ratio is a trait most commonly manifested in post-pubescent human females.
  • In Hunter × Hunter Battle Collection, Neferpitou is a female.
  • The first half of Neferpitou's name probably comes from an Egyptian male deity (the god Nefertem) and the second half probably from the female panther called Pitou (a French character for children).
  • An official release of the series by Crunchyroll had Neferpitou use female pronouns.[52]

Abilities & Powers

As one of the three members of the Royal Guard, Neferpitou is one of the most powerful Chimera Ants to live, and one of the strongest characters in the series. They fought and killed Kite, a powerful Pro Hunter, while suffering only minor injuries, and shortly after discovering Nen.[6] Illumi referred to Neferpitou as Meruem's "top soldier" or "close associate".[53] Despite intending to kill them, the King was only able to bruise Neferpitou with one of his tail strikes, which caused him to praise the Royal Guard.[14] Shaiapouf, another Royal Guard member, was driven through a wall by the same attack,[25] the King's power had increased by that time. The Hunter Association's Chairman Netero, considered the world's strongest Hunter in his prime and by some the most powerful Hunter even in his old age,[10] wondered if Neferpitou could be more powerful than him,[9] as Colt, after witnessing both fighters' aura, later affirmed.[54] Ikalgo was confident that even if he joined forces with Gon, Killua, and Palm, as well as, possibly, Knuckle and Meleoron, the Royal Guard would still come out on top.[45]

Immense Vision: Pitou was able to spot Kite, Gon, and Killua, who were two kilometers away.[1] They even caught sight of Netero, who completely turned off his aura in the storm of Zeno's transmuted "dragons", although this was also achieved through their highly developed instinct.[34]

Immense Hearing: Neferpitou was able to hear a cell phone that was on low volume inside an echoing castle, while Gon, who has a similar ability, could not hear anything.[46]

Immense Smell: Neferpitou could smell Pokkle while the latter was hiding in a massive pile of bones.[3]

131 - Pitou attacks Gon

Pitou after death managed to rip off Gon's arm

Immense Strength: Neferpitou, being a Royal Guard, has an immense level of strength, they can use their claws to rip off A Nen user's limbs[1][49] and heads[6][45] without effort[1] and with only one arm.[45] Their legs are so powerful that they can cover distances of more than half a kilometer with just one leap,[1] as shown when they rushed to the King's side.[36]

Immense Speed and Reflexes: Neferpitou was stated to be capable of decapitating Gon with a broken arm without him supposedly being able to fight back.[45] By contracting their leg muscles, which causes them to bulge, Neferpitou can increase their speed even more for a single leap. They reached Kite's party in a split second, which was very far away from them.[1] They could also leap to Meruem with extreme speed.[36] Their reactions are also top-notch, as they could catch a glimpse of Netero's hands moving whilst he was preparing his 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva, meaning Neferpitou is able to perceive movement at speeds of at least Mach 1.[34]

131 - Pitou for the kill

Neferpitou's agility

Immense Agility: Neferpitou can move very deftly and attack from any angle.[48]

Unfathomable Stamina: Neferpitou appears to have never slept since their birth since they never released their En until they treated Meruem.[25]

91 - Meruem attacks Pitou

Pitou withstanding an attack from Meruem

Unfathomable Durability: Neferpitou was only bruised by a powerful strike of Meruem's tail with the intention to kill.[14] They also withstood a blow of Netero's 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva without being injured,[34] and their tail remained intact after they activated Doctor Blythe to stop their movement.[35] More remarkably, a grown, empowered Gon, whose Jajanken: Rock had enough power to fell several trees without direct contact,[49] needed to use the ability several times before finally managing to crush their skull. After Gon used his final Jajanken to deliver the final blow,[48][49] their body, although damaged, was not obliterated by the blast.[50]

High Intelligence: Mere hours after their birth, Neferpitou had already acquired enough knowledge about the human brain to stimulate certain areas in order to receive specific responses,[1] and they later proved capable of severing the neural connections between memories and emotional responses.[27] Their surgical skills allowed them to create their first Nen ability, Doctor Blythe,[7] which can operate on humans[40] and Chimera Ants alike.[26] They assembled a chemical laboratory in only a few days.[11]

Immense Intuition: Neferpitou has also displayed extremely developed instincts. They correctly guessed Killua would head north from Luonton,[22] and in the moments before the palace siege, Neferpitou looked up to see without any stimulation or reason to do so, seeing Netero and Zeno whilst the latter performed his Dragon Dive, with Neferpitou themself not knowing why.[33] They also successfully recognized Netero as being the most dangerous between the two men almost the instant the duo emerged from the clouds and into their perception and awareness range.[34] Furthermore, they recognized Gon and his unwavering resolve as a threat despite the disparity in power,[45] an ominous feeling that proved correct when Gon transformed.[47]


Pitou's aura

Neferpitou's terrorizing aura

Neferpitou is a Specialist.[1] They were born with the innate ability to control their Aura Nodes, as well as with an unfathomable amount of aura[3] and a learning speed far exceeding a human's, so they could use En hours after their birth[1] and create Nen abilities on a whim.[7] They were able to terrorize Rammot and Pokkle with their aura while being in a neutral state of mind and seemingly while using Ten.[3] In fact, their aura appears tremendously ominous to Nen users even when Neferpitou is not giving off hostility,[36] which can act as a powerful deterrent. Kite, Gon, and Killua were frightened by their malicious Ren during their first encounter,[1] and the latter stated that Hisoka and Illumi, two extremely skilled and sinister Nen users in their own right, could not produce an aura comparable to Neferpitou's.[6] Their aura is so abundant that they can keep their immense En and puppets active for days on end and not get tired in the very least.[2]

Pitou EN

Pitou's En

Their En is singularly vast. It is irregularly shaped: rather than a sphere, it takes the form of tendrils, a single one of which can be extended up to two kilometers in length.[2] They can bend its shape at will.[32] Despite the process of creating a Nen ability being notoriously long and difficult, Neferpitou successfully performed a surgery with Doctor Blythe just by imagining how to bring Kite back to life in order to fight him again.[7] Neferpitou has displayed proficiency in multiple Nen categories, other than their innate category of Specialization: at the very least, Emission and Manipulation.[8]

Neferpitou's Nen Type: Specialization
Type: Unknown Doctor Blythe (玩具修理者(ドクターブライス) Dokutā Buraisu, lit. "Toy Repairer")
Doctor Blythe 2011
130 - Pitou heals himself
Doctor Blythe is a giant doll conjured by Neferpitou, used only to treat any injuries surgically. It is equipped with countless medical tools that can be used to provide first aid and perform major surgeries. A mortal wound to the stomach can be treated in less than one hour,[45] a severed arm reattached and fully healed in two or three hours,[26] and destroyed corpses[16] can be reconstructed to be later manipulated.[17] The ability can be used on humans[16][45] and at least some Chimera Ants[26][47] despite the anatomical differences. With practice, Neferpitou became able to shorten the time required for a complete surgery.[41]
Doctor Blythe cannot move from where it is summoned, and being connected to Neferpitou's tail limits their movement radius to 20 meters for as long as it is in existence. Furthermore, the Royal Guard cannot use other Nen abilities or En. At the same time, Doctor Blythe is active,[26] and their own body is shrouded only in a very small amount of aura, making them more vulnerable to damage.[39]
Type: Manipulation Puppeteering*
Puppeteering 2011
Neferpitou can attach a clownesque puppeteer to a target to exercise complete control over them.[8] They can not only move it but also make it speak[21] and even have it use Nen regardless of whether the owner of the body was a Nen user.[18] The orders of each puppet are set by Neferpitou beforehand, so it is able to move automatically,[8] but the Royal Guard can still reposition it as they please.[23] The number of bodies Neferpitou can control at the same time is unknown, though it is known to be higher than 50.[55] However, their puppets are of lower quality than Morel's.[29] Neferpitou can perceive aura through their puppets[2] and sense when they are disabled, which, combined with their En, allows them to monitor immense areas.[21]

The conditions for Neferpitou to attach the puppeteer are unknown. The first two times they used this ability,[8][17] it was on corpses on which they had operated with Doctor Blythe.[7][16] It's also known that the corpses controlled by Pitou don't decay; however, it's unknown whether that's because of the Puppeteer or result of a special surgery performed with Doctor Blythe.[46]

The senior officers Neferpitou controlled with their puppeteers collapsed when they were dispelled, possibly suggesting they can indeed be applied only to deceased individuals. Dispelling the puppeteers allows Neferpitou to recover the aura inside them.[5] Since the soldiers controlled with this ability were often seen either making impressive jumps or hovering in the air,[55][19] it is possible the puppeteer grants them this capacity, though it may also be simply due to the puppeteer dragging the controlled soldiers along as literal puppets on a string as it floats about.

The puppeteers are invisible to non-users[17] and Nen users in a state of Zetsu. The one controlling Kite was invisible even to Nen users before manipulating him into using Nen.[8] It is unclear if this was because of In or that is simply a condition of the ability. In the latter case, this might mean that the puppeteer is conjured and that Neferpitou decreased risk and increased aura consumption to hide it from sight[56] in certain circumstances.
Type: Unknown Terpsichora (黒子舞想(テレプシコーラ) Terepushikōra, lit. "Puppet Master's Serenity")
Neferpitou Terpsichora
Terpsichora takes the form of a monstrous ballerina with strings connecting its fingertips to Neferpitou's body like a marionette.[47] It is a combat-oriented ability that takes only 0.1 seconds to be used offensively after being manifested.[34] Due to Neferpitou commanding it to "dance past [its] limits" and the noticeable effect of swelling the muscles in its user's hands and legs, the latter, much like when they are preparing to jump, it seems this ability can increase their physical attributes.[48] Even after Neferpitou's head was crushed, the ability remained active out of their loyalty to the King, becoming stronger after death and enabling them to sever Gon's arm.[49] Overall, its effects seem to suggest that it might make use of Enhancement and Manipulation, with the ballerina being conjured or emitted if it is not a Specialization ability.

Manga Appearances

Chimera Ant arc
186. The Queen Absent
187. The Beast Fodder Absent
188. NGL Shadow
189. Infiltration Absent
190. The Hunt Absent
191. Pros Absent
192. Human Dog Absent
193. Scissors Absent
194. vs. Hagya's Squad: Part 1 Absent
195. vs. Hagya's Squad: Part 2 Absent
196. vs. Hagya's Squad: Part 3 Absent
197. vs. Hagya's Squad: Part 4 Debut
198. Sudden Attack Appears
199. Light and Shadow Appears
200. Stipulation Appears
201. Reunion Appears
202. Duel Appears
203. Gyro Absent
204. Gyro's Story Appears
205. Time Remaining Absent
206. A Real Fight Appears
207. Weakness: Part 1 Absent
208. Weakness: Part 2 Absent
209. ? Absent
210. Weakness: Part 3 Absent
211. Loan Shark Absent
212. Water Breaking Appears
213. Birth Appears
214. Results Appears
215. Last Words Absent
216. Republic of East Gorteau Appears
217. Meat Orchard Appears
218. Confession Absent
219. Awakening Absent
220. Reunion: Part 1 Absent
221. Reunion: Part 2 Absent
222. Reunion: Part 3 Mentioned
223. 10: Part 1 Flashback
224. 10: Part 2 Absent
225. 10: Part 3 Absent
226. 10: Part 4 Absent
227. 10: Part 5 Absent
228. 10: Part 6 Absent
229. 10: Part 7 Absent
230. 9: Part 1 Flashback
231. 9: Part 2 Absent
232. 9: Part 3 Absent
233. 9: Part 4 Appears
234. 9: Part 5 Appears
235. 8: Part 1 Appears
236. 8: Part 2 Absent
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241. 8: Part 7 Absent
242. 7: Part 1 Absent
243. 7: Part 2 Mentioned
244. 6: Part 1 Mentioned
245. 6: Part 2 Appears
246. 6: Part 3 Absent
247. 6: Part 4 Absent
248. 6: Part 5 Absent
249. 6: Part 6 Mentioned
250. 6: Part 7 Appears
251. 6: Part 8 Pictured
252. 6: Part 9 Pictured
253. 6: Part 10 Absent
254. 6: Part 11 Absent
255. 5: Part 1 to 2: Part 1 Mentioned
256. 2: Part 2 Appears
257. 1: Part 1 Appears
258. 1: Part 2 Appears
259. 1: Part 3 Appears
260. 1: Part 4 Appears
261. Charge: Part 1 Appears
262. Charge: Part 2 Mentioned
263. Charge: Part 3 Appears
264. Charge: Part 4 Appears
265. Charge: Part 5 Appears
266. "In the Unlikely Event Of..." Mentioned
267. Activation Appears
268. The King Appears
269. Adversity Is a Good Thing Pictured
270. Indebted To Mentioned
271. Separation Mentioned
272. Error Absent
273. We Meet Again Appears
274. Solution Appears
275. Promise Appears
276. Missileman Absent
277. Insult Mentioned
278. Destruction Absent
279. Escape Absent
280. Direct Hit Absent
281. Godspeed Absent
282. Sealed Area Absent
283. Determination Absent
284. Fifteen Minutes Absent
285. Doubles Absent
286. Core Appears
287. Present State Appears
288. Accolade Appears
289. Terms Absent
290. Name Mentioned
291. Soliloquy Absent
292. Hidden Agenda Absent
293. Metamorphosis Appears
294. Breakdown Flashback
295. Determination Appears
296. Admission Absent
297. The Last Absent
298. Rose Absent
299. Regeneration Mentioned
300. Insurance Appears
301. Memory Mentioned
302. Target Appears
303. Pain Appears
304. Magic Appears
305. Sorry Appears
306. Relief Appears
307. Loss Death
308. Flash Flashback
309. Game Corpse
310. Action Mentioned
311. Deadline Flashback
312. Resolve Absent
313. One Word Mentioned
314. Persuasion Absent
315. Home Absent
316. Real Name Absent
317. Answer Pictured
318. Final Will Absent
13th Hunter Chairman Election arc
319. Lottery Absent
320. Voting Absent
321. Monster Absent
322. Siblings Absent
323. Job Offer Absent
324. Butler Absent
325. Joining the Fray Absent
326. Open Hostilities Absent
327. Riddle Absent
328. Arrangements Absent
329. Spy Absent
330. Confession Absent
331. Day of Reckoning Absent
332. Applause Absent
333. Rumble Absent
334. Total Defeat Absent
335. Decision Mentioned
336. Release Absent
337. Repentance Mentioned
338. Atop a Tree Absent
339. Stillness Absent


  • Chimera Ant arc:
    • Neferpitou vs. Pokkle*[1]
    • Neferpitou vs. Kite*[1][6]
    • Neferpitou vs. Isaac Netero[34][35]
    • Neferpitou vs. Gon Freecss[48][49]


  • (After winning their fight with Kite) "Yup! I'm purrty strong! ♡"[6]
  • (To Kite) "That was so fun! It felt like a dream. I wish I could do it again with you..."[7]
  • "I wanna fight... but I can't leave my post! I wish he'd come to me!"[29]
  • (To Gon, about Komugi) "She... is someone precious... to a person I care about deeply. The King became who he is because of her... If she ceased to exist, he won't... be himself anymore. She means that much... All I want... is for her to live."[39]
  • (To Gon) "If you so desire... I'll break my right arm as well. If that's not enough... I offer both my legs. If you think I won't keep my promise after I heal her... you can mangle my body as long as it doesn't hinder the treatment! I beg you, let me do this... Please let me save her!!"[40]
  • (To Gon) "You respected my wishes and waited for me. So I feel I should at least be honest with you. This man is already dead. He died when I fought him. Yes. Now I remember him."[46]
  • (To Gon) "I'm sorry, but I have to kill you. For the King..."[47]
  • (Neferpitou's final thoughts) "He must have done it by compressing his life!! He was born with a gift and was willing to throw that gift away!! He sacrificed all his Nen to do it!! He'll never be able to use Nen again!!"[48]


  • Pitou's Nen proficiency was at the rank "Natural", the second best ranking.[57]
  • The extra book cover of the "Hunter × Hunter - Sôshû-hen - Treasure" Volume 8 shows the character's name as "Neferpitou" (identical to the version in the Viz translation). Japanese Hunter × Hunter goods feature, instead, the alternative name "Nephelpito".
  • Neferpitou's name, like all of the Royal Guards, probably comes from an Egyptian god, Nefertem, and a character named Pitou from a French children's book series called Caroline et ses Amis. The former can be seen depicted with the head of a lion, or as a lion or cat reclining, while the latter is a panther; both are thus related to felines, like Neferpitou themself.
  • In Neferpitou's Water Divination aura screening the leaf withered away.[1]
  • Neferpitou was the only Royal Guard that was not killed by the Miniature Rose, the only one who was killed in battle, and also the only one that died without knowing Meruem's name.
  • Neferpitou was the second Chimera Ant that Gon had actually killed under his own free will (the first being Baro).
  • According to the "Hunter × Hunter Manual" section found in the Yu ☆ Yu ☆ Hakusho official character book (Shueisha Jump remix),* Neferpitou's stats are:
Story Arcs Mind Skill Body Nen Ingenuity Intelligence
4/5 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5 4/5
Chimera Ant arc: Palace Invasion 4/5 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5 4/5
4/5 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5 4/5

Intertextuality and References

  • Neferpitou's second ability, Doctor Blythe, is modeled after the Blythe doll.
  • Terpsichora is named after Terpsichore, a Muse in Greek mythology that rules over dance and chorus.
  • "Nfr" (conventionally anglicized as "Nefer" and pronounced as such in modern Egyptology, actual reconstructed pronunciation varies by time period). It's also a word in the ancient Egyptian language that means adjectively as: Fine, beautiful, pleasant, etc. Nounwise, the condition of being such or a person or thing that is such; or verb-wise be such; among other senses.
  • In chapter 184 of the Me & Roboco Manga series. Roboco's thighs swell up in a similar fashion to Neferipitou's thighs when they tried to reach the Royal Palace of East Gorteau in Chapter 267.


Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic نيفيربيتو (Nifirbitu)
China Flag Chinese 尼菲彼多 (Nífēibǐduō)
France Flag French Neferupitô or Pitô
Greece Flag Greek Νεφερπίτο (Neferpítou)
Italy Flag Italian Neferpito
South Korea Flag Korean 네페르피트 (Nepereupiteu)
Russia Flag Russian Неферпиту (Neferpitu)


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