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"Fortunes are written to help the living. And a notion like that is meant to comfort you, not a dead person's spirit."

— Neon Nostrade to Chrollo Lucilfer in "September 3rd: Part 12"

Neon Nostrade (ネオン゠ノストラード, Neon Nosutorādo) is the daughter of Light Nostrade of the Nostrade Family and a flesh collector.[3] Due to her ability having disappeared from Chrollo's book, she is suspected to have died.[4]


Neon's 2011 anime adaptation design

Neon's 1999 anime adaptation design

Neon's manga appearance

In the 2011 anime adaptation, Neon has blue hair tied back with a yellow bow. She wears a pink and red striped top and a plain white dress, as well as very large purple shoes. In the 1999 anime adaptation, she has pink hair with a pink and white dress. When she sneaks into the Underground Auction, she wears a simple dress and large sandals.


Neon throwing a tantrum

Neon is a spoiled and self-centered young lady. She throws tantrums whenever she does not get the things she wants.[5][6] She is shown to be childlike and to lack empathy for others.[7] However, despite her childlike selfishness and general lack of empathy, Neon is shown to be capable of such emotion when she cares more about Eliza (who is grieving over Squala's death) than the Scarlet Eyes, offering to return home instead of staying in Yorknew any longer.[8] Although she is pampered and usually lacks empathy, Neon's traits are actually a product of childlike innocence and an inability to comprehend emotions beyond what a child can understand despite being seventeen years old. She is shown to be otherwise good-natured. Neon is also fond of collecting human body parts, which was the main reason why the Nostrade Family traveled to Yorknew.[3]


Yorknew City arc

Neon and Dalzollene en route to Yorknew City

Neon welcomes her new bodyguards in her room as they are introduced to her by the head bodyguard Dalzollene.[3] On August 31st, they travel from Lingon Airport to Yorknew City. On the way there, Dalzollene presents Neon with her work for September. She initially refuses to tell their fortunes, but later negotiates a deal with her father, Light. Neon proceeds to use her Lovely Ghostwriter ability to complete her work for September. That night at the Hotel Beitacle, while Neon plays a game of cards with her attendants, Dalzollene contacts Light to inform him about his daughter's most recent fortunes.[9] Upon learning that she is not allowed to attend the Underground Auction, Neon throws a giant tantrum,[5] but eventually tires herself out and falls asleep.[6]

Kurapika informing Neon of the situation

Early on September 2nd, after Uvogin escapes and kills Dalzollene, Kurapika and Squala awaken Neon and inform her of the current situation. Neon, however, shows no interest in what occurred and cares more for the mummy of Princess Corco that she wanted at the auction, asking to know when the next auction will be held. Kurapika assures her that the items are safe and that it's unknown when the auction will resume. Neon suggests that they contact her father, and the remaining bodyguards vote for Kurapika to be the new leader in Dalzollene's absence. Neon introduces Kurapika to her father, who tells Kurapika that his top priority is watching over Neon until he arrives. Neon is excited to go shopping, but Kurapika tells her that he wants her to stay in her room until he arrives. A disappointed Neon says that she wanted to go to the casino, but agrees to follow her father's orders, excitedly telling her attendants that they will play a game of cards.[7]

Neon sulking

On September 3rd, after learning about the current situation, Light orders Neon to be sent home. Neon sulks at the thought of the auction being canceled, but her father assures her that they will retrieve the items and she can attend the one next year. Elated, Neon goes off to pack her things. Melody and Basho are assigned to guard and escort Neon back to the mansion.[10] Before going back home, Neon decides to go on a shopping spree at Lingon Airport, accompanied by Melody, Basho, Eliza, and her other attendant. After pretending to use the restroom and then disguising herself, she escapes undetected and leaves Melody and Basho panicking after Eliza realizes that she isn't in the bathroom. As she storms out and decides to attend the auction herself after her father lied to her, an elusive man carrying a photograph of her is seen following her.[11]

Chrollo observing Neon's fortune-telling

Neon eventually passes through the checkpoints around the Cemetery Building with Chrollo's help. She thanks him for letting her pass with him. At a restaurant inside the Cemetery Building, Chrollo tells Neon that he heard she is a good fortune-teller, which Neon confirms by saying that she provides fortunes to many important people. She asks Chrollo to write down his full name, date of birth, and blood type, proceeding to write out his fortune in a notebook as he watches her do so.[1] When she finishes, Neon explains the nature of her fortune-telling. She is shocked to see Chrollo crying over his fortune. Chrollo asks Neon if she believes in the afterlife, but she claims that she does not due to a quote from the Galactic Matron, who inspired her to become a fortune-teller. After a while, they decide to proceed to the auction room. However, Chrollo swiftly knocks Neon unconscious and puts on an act in front of the Mafia members, angrily asking for them to call an ambulance. After realizing that the Ten Dons are fans of Neon, Bean orders his men to call ambulance for her.[12]

Kurapika observing Neon

Light and Kurapika arrive and find Neon still unconscious. Kurapika checks the Hunter Website and finds that pictures and descriptions for Neon and all the Nostrade bodyguards (aside from himself and Melody) are posted there. He theorizes that the person who came in contact with Neon used the website to figure out what she looked like. Furious, Light proclaims declares that he will find the perpetrator and kill him, but Kurapika calms him down and speculates about the man's motive. He explains that the other bodyguards are on their way and predicts that the auction will be canceled again due to the upcoming battle.[12] After the "deaths" of the Phantom Troupe members, Neon is transported to the local hospital via an ambulance.[13]

As the auction resumes, Light orders Kurapika to acquire the Scarlet Eyes with no limit regarding the amount. In the end, Kurapika wins the Scarlet Eyes for Jenny Symbol 2011.svg2.9 billion. Infuriated at first, Light assures himself that he will easily make the money back and continue to increase his prestige within the community by using Neon's ability.[14]

Neon wakes up with the Scarlet Eyes present and graciously thanks her father. Outside her room, Light thanks the bodyguards for their hard work and notes that the last item they need to win for Neon is the tissue used by a celebrity. He also orders Melody and Basho to accompany Neon on another shopping spree.[14]

Neon admiring the Scarlet Eyes

On September 4th, Neon admires the pair of Scarlet Eyes in her hotel room.[15] During her shopping spree, Melody tells Kurapika that shopping is worse than being a bodyguard, adding that Basho is close to losing it as Neon is seen asking to go to another store.[16]

Greed Island arc

Melody tells Kurapika that the Scarlet Eyes were stolen after Squala's death and that Neon was more upset over Eliza than the eyes. She adds that Neon offered to return home and that they headed to the airport.[8]

At the Nostrade's mansion, Kurapika and Melody pass by Neon's room as she sits on her bed and wonders why her ability won't come out anymore. As Light has a mental breakdown over the loss of Neon's ability and wonders why it happened, Kurapika says that he will take care of everything.[17]

Dark Continent Expedition arc

Neon is indirectly mentioned by Kurapika as one of the previous owners of the Scarlet Eyes.[18]

Succession Contest arc

Shizuku asks Chrollo if he can read their fortunes again so that they can hopefully get some clues. However, Chrollo reveals that the ability disappeared from his book. Shizuku seems to realize what the implication is, and Chrollo gives a general confirmation.[4]

Abilities & Powers

When her father was the head of a Mafia clan, Neon had authority over his employees and access to his wealth (as long as she had his permission). Her reputation caused her and her father to be liked by the Ten Dons, although her influence on the Mafia probably ended with the loss of her powers.


Neon is a Specialist.[2] Although she never trained in Nen, she was able to develop a Nen ability, a feat that qualifies her as a genius. Her prophetic abilities allowed her father to be highly esteemed by the most powerful leaders of the Mafia. Neon's ability was stolen by Chrollo and unable to be used by her. If she did not die, it returned to her possession through unknown means.

Neon's Nen Type: Specialization
Type: Specialization Lovely Ghostwriter (天使の自動筆記(ラブリーゴーストライター) Raburī Gōsutoraitā, lit. "Angelic Auto Writing")
Lovely Ghost Writer 2011.png Neon predicts the future through quatrains that she writes down unconsciously; the summoned "Lovely Ghostwriter" manipulates Neon's arm to automatically write her poems.[12] The target must hand write his name (aliases and handles count), full date of birth, and blood type on the piece of paper on which she will write the poem.[1] A picture of the target's face is necessary if he isn't present.[2]

Neon's fortunes take the form of a poem with four or five quatrains of four lines each. Each verse represents a week of the current month, and typically events referenced in the poem are present as metaphors.[12] Inauspicious fortunes always contain advice, and misfortune can be avoided if warnings are heeded. She cannot predict her own future.[5][2]

Appearances in Other Media

The Last Mission

Note: Events occurring in the "Hunter × Hunter: The Last Mission" movie do not constitute canon material.

Neon accompanied by her guards at Battle Olympia

Neon attends the Battle Olympia tournament at Heavens Arena, and is accompanied by Kurapika, Melody, and Linssen. Kurapika and Melody stay close to her side as she looks down at the ring. She takes her father's place in attending the tournament since he was feeling ill at the time. She nearly falls asleep during Netero's speech out of boredom. Right before the tournament starts, she is interested in one of the competitors and happily looks to Kurapika to talk with him about it, only to find him missing (he had gone to meet Hisoka). Along with everyone in the stadium, Neon is taken hostage. When she is freed during Biscuit's fighting against the intruders, she laughs excitedly as she watches the woman fight. After the tournament is finished, Neon returns home in a car filled with stuffed animals with Linssen as her driver. Kurapika and Melody accompany her in a separate vehicle.[19]


  • The character's first name, Neon, potentially derives from her father's name, Light, (or vice versa), as in the term neon lighting.
  • Her last name, Nostrade, is most likely a reference to Nostradamus, the famous French seer, and La Cosa Nostra, the nickname for the Italian mafia.

Anime and Manga Differences

Neon and Puu

  • In the 2011 anime adaptation, she has a Pu figurine from YuYu Hakusho tied on her phone strap.[20]

Intertextuality and References

  • Neon's Lovely Ghostwriter ability may have had its name and concept partially based on the term ghostwriter—someone hired to write various types of works that are officially credited to another person as the author. Part of the ability's action, as well as its visual appearance, are probably literal representations of the word "ghostwriter".
    • The subname or second title of her ability, "Angelic Auto Writing", also suggests a reference to or inspiration from automatic writing (a.k.a. psychography)—which is a claimed psychic ability allowing a person to produce written words without consciously writing; the words purportedly arise from a subconscious, spiritual, or supernatural source (hence the form of an angel/ghost as her summon).
    • In chapter 48 of the Me & Roboco manga, Roboco does fortune telling that is a "little bit" similar to Neon's former Nen ability.


  • She has the same voice actress as Kalluto in the 1999 anime adaptation.

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic نيون نوستراد (Nion Nustrad)
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Neon Nostrad
China Flag.png Chinese 妮翁•诺斯拉/妮翁•諾斯拉* (Nī wēng Nuò sī lā)
France Flag.png French Neon Nostrad
Greece Flag.png Greek Νίον Νόστρεϊντ (Níon Nostreïnt)
South Korea Flag.png Korean 네온 노스트라드 (Neon Noseuteuradeu)
Russia Flag.png Russian Неон Ностраде (Nyeon Nostradye)


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