The New Continent (新大陸, Shin Tairiku) is an island located in the Untamed Waters of Lake Mobius, and thus outside of the territory colonized by mankind. Since, from human perspective, it lies before the Border Waters and the area controlled by the Gatekeeper, it is technically not part of the Dark Continent.[1] Compared to the latter, it is believed to be a much safer zone,[2] which is why the V6 passed it off as the actual Dark Continent for the public at large.[1]


Dark Continent Expedition arcEdit

Reckoning that, due to the massive support from the populace, it would be impossible to stop Kakin's project of colonizing the Dark Continent without military intervention, the Deputy Secretary of the International Permit Agency (IPA) suggests the V5 approve of the expedition, making it so the Black Whale is steered to one of the uninhabited islands near the border of the Dark Continent. This island is to be passed off as the real thing, and only the countries of V6, Beyond Netero and certain members of the Hunter Association, the International Permit Agency and Restricted Voyage Agencies are to know the truth, as they are meant to explore the actual Dark Continent. The V5 approve of the proposition,[2] which is subsequently put in practice: once the Black Whale lands in the New Continent, the team of explorers will be led to a relay base and then to the Gatekeeper by Morel Mackernasey.[1]


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