Next Stop: Meteor City--The Junkyard of the World (9月4日, Kugatsu Mikka—lit. "September 4th") is the 11th volume of the Hunter × Hunter manga series. It was released by Shueisha on March 2nd, 2001 in Japanese and was released by Viz Media on November 7th, 2006 in English.



Gon and Killua manage to escape from Nobunaga by busting through walls, creating exits for themselves. By this time, Killua has realized from the Phantom Troupe's questions that the "Chain Dude" is none other than Kurapika, and he suggests to Gon they ask Kurapika how he became strong enough to kill a Spider so quickly.

Meanwhile, the Mafia has hired several professional assassins to deal with the threat of the Troupe so the Underground Auction can be held. Among them are Killua's grandfather and father, Zeno and Silva. At the same time, Neon Nostrade escapes from her bodyguards, intent on participating in the Underground Auction herself, regardless of the danger. She is picked up by Chrollo Lucilfer, masquerading in civilian clothes. He gets close to her, requests a fortune for himself, then steals her ability with his own ability, as he has planned all along. Chrollo knocks her out, has an ambulance take her away from the building so she is safe, then orders the Troupe to descend on the auction site, killing all the Mafia members in their way. He also kills all of the hired assassins aside from Zeno and Silva, who track him to the Cemetery Building's basement using En. A battle ensues, but at the last moment, they receive a call from Illumi, stating he has fulfilled Chrollo's contract hit on the 10 Godfathers. With no paying clients, Zeno and Silva leave the scene, Chrollo injured but alive.

In the aftermath, the Phantom Troupe provides fake corpses, created with Kortopi's ability and a faked message from the 10 Godfathers stating the Spiders had been killed. They auction off copies of the real auction items, taking the Mafia's money.


Hunter x Hunter volume 11 sample

Character/fashion model comparison montage

  • The cover art for this volume looks strikingly similar to a photo from December 1998 in the Japanese fashion magazine Mr. High Fashion (MRミスター・ハイファッション) issue No.87.


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