Nickes' Alliance was comprised of 63 Greed Island players hired by Mr. Battera.[2]


The ten founding members will split 20 billion from Mr. Battera's 50 billion Jenny Currency Symbol payoff. While the remaining 53 members will be rewarded according to the length of their membership and their job's degree of risk.[2] Recent recruits who entered the game with Puhat and Abengane will get around 200 million Jenny Currency Symbol. If a member contributes by finding a valuable item, he or she will receive a bigger share from the total payoff, with a 500 million Jenny Currency Symbol bonus for Rank-SS cards.[3]

New members are escorted using the spell card "Accompany" to Kosofftro rather than jumping directly to the hideout location as to keep it a secret. Each new member is given four sheets containing details regarding the 40 spell cards, and are expected to memorize all of it in one hour. If a new member fails in this task, he or she will be assigned as a gofer.[4]

Game PlanEdit

The alliance strategy is to monopolize about 1900 offensive and defensive spell cards, so to prevent other players from defending against their attacks, while they get to take cards they need from their Specified Slots. In order to maintain these spell cards, the alliance needs about 45 people to store them in their free slots, as well as people who monitor, recruit, and collect cards. Ideally, a group of 70 people are needed to execute this strategy. The plan is to stop recruiting for new members after reaching 800 spell cards and then ultimately go on the offensive and start collecting cards (instead of taking them) once they've monopolized a total of 1300 spell cards, which should take them a maximum of two months from the 800 spell cards milestone. From there, it should only take one more month to clear the game. It should be noted that these numbers are only an estimate since they do not take into consideration other factors like the specifics of the obtained cards.[4]

A hideout for the members responsible for storing the cards is necessary as it decreases the risks of getting stolen from as well guarantees a bigger collection. Even though they've collected all 40 spell cards at one point, the founding members held off on exchanging them for the Rank-SS "Angel's Breath" as they still need a spare for the spell card "Fortress" which happens to be their top priority. New members are not allowed to exit from the hideout until they've learned to estimate within 5cm the 20m radius of close range spells as it also determines "encounters" between players and grants the ability to cast spells on said players.[4]


Greed Island arcEdit

Chibi Gon and Killua
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The alliance consists of 10 founding members and 53 members, 8 of which are new recruits who entered the game at the same time with Gon and Killua.

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Nickes' Alliance
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Nickes Alliance Founder 10 GI Portrait
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