The Norwell Fund (ノーウェル()()(きん)()()()()()()(), Nōweru Kikin), also known as the Family of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund ((ゆう)(へい)()(ぞく)(きょう)(さい)()()()(), Yūhei Izoku Kyōsai), is a charitable foundation that provides financial, psychological, employment, educational and child-care support for surviving families of mercenaries who die in battle.[1]


This foundation began with a soldier, Norwell, who provided financial assistance to "one-way people" (child soldiers, refugees, and the poor, whose options are limited). Then others started to contribute to his individual account. The Norwell Fund uses a unique three-generational deposit system, and formed only through trust among depositors.[1]


Dark Continent Expedition arcEdit

Ging decides to create a grandchild account and make a deposit in the Norwell Fund. He came to that decision after Muherr revealed that he was fine with having him as No. 2, until he brought the subject of money as mercenaries value each other's trust more than anything. Many had also considered quitting. Ging apologizes and, since he can't take back the money from those who have accepted it, suggests to settle the matter with donations to the Norwell Fund, for the families of fallen soldiers.[1]

Muherr asks him if he is serious, as by opening a grandchild account, he will be classified as a mercenary and become unable to refuse a parent's orders. Ging replies that it is for the best, as it shows his determination and won't risk stirring up any weird rumors.[1]


  • Parent Account: It manages deposits from sub accounts. All members can share and mutually manage information on withdrawals and purchases by all accounts.
    • Child (Sub) Account: It manages one or more grandchild accounts. A grandchild cannot refuse a child's dispatch orders. Operational procedures are the same as a grandchild account.
      • Grandchild (Sub) Account: A deposit-only account, which all goes to the parent account. It has a designated credit card that can make purchases from associated stores (including online) and no usage limit.[1]


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