Nukuocon (ヌクオコン, Nukuokon) is a Private Guard of the Second Prince Camilla and the one formerly in charge of killing the Eighth Prince Salé-salé through a Nen curse.[1]


Nukuocon has slicked-back fair hair, round eyes, long eyelashes, and a square chin. They wear the standard uniform of Camilla's private guards.[1]


Like their Have-Nots comrades, Nukuocon is a staunch supporter of Prince Camilla. They would go as far as to sacrifice their life to curse one of the other Princes in order to secure their Prince's position as the Kakin's newest King.


Succession Contest arc

Upon hearing Musse's gunshots Nukuocon tries to rush to the room where he and Prince Camilla are, but they find the doors locked. After Sarahell knocks them open, they burst into the room, guns at the ready.[2] Nukuocon defends Prince Camilla at her trial, which results in both her and Prince Benjamin's camps being confined to VVIP areas while their respective rooms are searched.[3] A few days later, Nukuocon and the other personal soldiers of Prince Camilla attend a meeting called by Sarahell about the recent suicide of Shikaku. The focus of the meeting was the possibility of Shikaku also being able to cast a Nen curse similar to their own. As their curse target, the Eighth Prince Salé-salé, was assassinated by Yushohi,[4] they and Cavic are reassigned by Sarahell to spy on enemy camps to find out if they have any exorcists on their side. This task should help them cause any trouble for Prince Camilla.[1]

Abilities & Powers

Nukuocon has some degree of skill as a defense attorney, since they represented Camilla during her trial.[3]


Nukuocon is a Nen user and can cast the same curse as the other Have-Nots in Prince Camilla's employ.[1]

Nukuocon's Nen Abilities
Type: Unknown Yomotsu Hegui (つじつま合わせに生まれた僕等(ヨモツヘグイ) We Who Were Born Out of Convenience)
Unseen Ability.png A haunting type curse that is unique to the Have-Nots of Kakin. The user must carry an object connected to the target, such as a photograph, along with a dagger, and must think of the target every day. On the day they want to cast the curse, they must burn the object, drink the infusion of the ashes, and commit suicide with the dagger. The curse will deprive the target of their aura and, in the most powerful cases, kill them in a few hours.[1]

Months, if not years, of preparation are necessary for the curse to grow strong enough to successfully kill the target, and even then a few meters of distance from the target can change the moment of their death from two weeks to three months. It is however estimated that the user killing themselves while close enough to touch the target and looking them in the eye will result in a powerful curse even if not enough time has passed by normal standards. The ability draws power from post-mortem Nen and the user's resolve.[1]


  • It is unclear if Nukuocon really was the guard who defended Camilla in Chapter 376. Since the attorney's features notably differed from Moswana's and Sarahell's design had already been shown in Chapter 373, the information is included in this page.
  • The furigana name of the Have-Nots' curse is derived from Japanese mythology, specifically to Izanami's inability to leave the underworld due to having eaten of its food.
    • The kanji name of the curse, "Tsujitsuma Awase ni Umareta Bokura", is derived from a song by Amazarashi.
    • Viz localized the curse's name as "Dust in the Wind: Hell Fruit".[1]


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