Octopus (タコ, Tako) is a Chimera Ant and former Squadron Leader.[1]



Octopus' anime full body appearance

Octopus has the appearance of an octopus/squid with a grey beard and a postman's hat.


The Chimera Ant Octopus is a concerned subordinate willing to stay with his dying Queen till the end.


Octopus is one of the first human-esque Chimera Ants to be born.


Chimera Ant arc

Epis 78 (2011) - Squadron Leaders -17.40-

The Squadron Leaders assemble to the Queen

When all of the Chimera Ant Squadron Leaders are summoned by the Chimera Ant Queen to assemble to her, Octopus notes that their Queen is summoning them. With the Squadron Leaders assembled, the Queen announces that she will solely focus on giving birth to the King and orders them to bring her fifty humans a day. Also, due to a request by a Turtle Chimera Ant, they obtain permission to choose names for themselves.[1]

During the Hunter Association's extermination involving Netero, Morel, and Knov hunting the Chimera Ants surrounding the nest, Octopus is among the fourteen Squadron Leaders left alive.[2]

The Squadron Leader Colt returns to the nest with help,[3] after surrendering to the Hunter Association with the single condition that they help their dying Queen.[4] The help from the Hunter Association, Dr. Lee, examines the body and she asks if Octopus stopped her bleeding, he answers that he did and could not do anything further. As the doctor operates, the Queen speaks telepathically and while Colt answers it, Octopus informs the other she cannot speak like them. The doctor then requests that he interpret what she says, so she can give them a hint to help save her life. Ultimately she does not and Colt lies to her that the King and his Royal Guards have gone out to find herbs to save her, though Octopus candidly states that the King left after eating two Squadron Leaders (Peggy and Turtle) and doesn't think he'll return, furthermore he doubts the King has any care for the Queen's well being.[3]

Octopus is one of the Squadron Leaders that appears in a brief explanation about how some Chimera Ant's past memories were retained after they were reborn.[5]

Due to the politicians turning the Chimera Ant crisis into a diplomatic issue, the Chimera Ants are exonerated from any or all blame, they will be classified as a new Magical Beast.[6]

Abilities & Powers

Being a Squadron Leader, Octopus is physically stronger than any average human or, presumably, Chimera Ant soldier. According to his hierarchical position, he has authority over 4-5 Officers and several dozen Peon soldiers.[7] His body is considerably durable, since a punch from a Nen-using Rammot[8] did not leave him with any permanent or visible injury.


After being violently "initiated",[8] Octopus learned Nen[7] presumably.


  • The character's name was never given in the manga and the 2011 anime adaptation just name him in the credits.
    • He is referred to as タコ型[9] (Tako-gata, literally "Octopus type").
      • In the credits for the English dub: "Octopus".[9]


  • The Chimera Ant Octopus shares the same Japanese voice actor as Meleoron.

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic نملة كيميرا الأخطبوط
France Flag French Kimera Ant Poulpe


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