Odessa (オデッサ, Odessa) is one of Queen Duazul's personal soldiers that's assigned to Prince Luzurus Hui Guo Rou.[1]


Odessa has a refined jaw, short trimmed fair hair, piercing eyes, and a celestial nose. As a Royal Bodyguard, he wears a black suit and a tie.[1]


Succession Contest arc

In Kanjidol's cogitation of Shikaku's suicide, he concludes that it was a diversionary plot concocted by Prince Halkenburg using his mother's personal soldiers to take advantage of the ensuing turmoil. At the time of the suicide, the Royal Bodyguards assigned by Queen Duazul: Gadeau and Odessa, as well as, Prince Luzurus' Private Guard Macne and the Hunter Scairt were sleeping in the breakroom and if any one of them had a motive to do anything it would be Gadeau and Odessa. This leads Kanjidol to believe that Gadeau and Odessa may have compromised Macne and Scairt during the turmoil. So if the theory is true, then Kanjidol would have to keep an eye out on Macne to prevent him from assassinating Prince Luzurus, as he's assigned to guard him that very afternoon. Kanjidol though dissuades himself of that last notion, as it's unlikely the two did anything to the sleeping Macne without awakening the Hunter Scairt. However, Kanjidol dissuades himself of the last notion, as it's unlikely the two did anything to the sleeping Macne without awakening the Hunter Scairt.[1]

Later Kanjidol discloses his theory to Basho, who thought the same as the shifts will soon be readjusted. Furthermore, he informs the solider that Scairt and Macne will be under surveillance for the sake of conspicuity, on the other hand, this opinion was shot down by Prince Luzurus. His mother's opinion in life is to "abstain" and goes as far as to not help even her children. Basho reassures Kanjidol that no action should occur in the face of danger, so if either one of the suspects is a Nen user capable of hiding the fact, then it's best to be on guard, Kanjidol agrees and walks off. With the soldier out of the way, in trust Basho believes that Prince Benjamin's soldiers are behind this all.[1]


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