Parasta is a town with its own airport.[1]



13th Hunter Chairman Election arc

Killua while carrying Alluka exits a forest and uses his Nen ability Speed of Lightning and heads to Parasta to escape the parole of his butlers. One of the butlers Tsubone witnesses Killua speed off towards the town and transforms into a bike. This allows her granddaughter Amane and fellow butler Canary to follow in pursuit. Frustrated that they're on his tail again, Killua takes a detour off the highway road to lose his pursuers. So his butlers planned to head him off as they deduce he's heading for Parasta.[1]

Killua manages to make it to Parasta Airport only to be surprised by the presence of both Amane and Canary. Amane informs Killua that they've arranged a blimp for him, however, Killua retorts that they'll need several to act as decoys to throw Illumi off their tracks. So Amane and Canary then order for more blimps and in the process of it, Canary distracts Amane allowing Killua and Alluka to escape. Agitated over Canary's intentional stalling, Amane proclaims they should pursue him, however, Canary volunteers to stay behind. This is so she can set up the remaining decoy blimps. Canary also comments on how cute Amane is when she gets emotional and also that Killua would like her better if she acted that way. Amane thinks she's being mocked but Canary assures her she is being honest.[1]


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