Pata City[note 1] (パタ()()()()()()()()()(), Pata-shi) is a small city within the Republic of Rokario.[1]


The small city of Pata is one of the modern cities that's closest to the border of the NGL. The city was briefly rampaged by the former Squadron Leader Cheetu and this incident, as well as the other that followed afterward, is covered in a local news broadcast.[1]


Chimera Ant arc

After leaving the NGL, Cheetu appears in Pata City[2] and kills seven people. In a confrontation with the police, the Chimera Ant severs and eats several police officers' fingers that surrounded him. A newscaster reporting on this incident, further elaborates that Cheetu escaped to the Miera Mountains but not before proclaiming that he'd return the following day and demands that they "Bring someone faster".[1]



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  1. In the manga's translation the place is referred to only as "Pata", omitting the "City" part.[1]
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