Peuckert (ポイケルト, Poikeruto) is a member of the International Permit Agency (IPA), currently assigned to the Investigation Unit of Kakin's Department of Justice.[1]


Peuckert is a stout man, has neatly combed hair parted to the left, beady eyes, thick lips, a Rumpole nose, and prominent freckles around his nose and cheeks. When not on duty he wears a plain dress shirt and pants,[2] though when on duty he wears a suit and tie over a dress shirt and dress pants.[1]


Not much is known about Peuckert's personality but he displays confidence in his superior Steiner.[2]


Succession Contest arcEdit

Peuckert lays on top of a bunk bed, in a room on Tier 1 of the Black Whale, where he and his two other cabinmates note that their superior Steiner is reviewing over his copy of Journey to the New World. Steiner tries to persuade his cabinmates to at least read over the file on the Labyrinth City since if he were to die one of them would take over his position. The cabinmates though don't believe it's important as he would be the last one to die. Peuckert chimes in and emphasizes that the Hunter Association will be protecting them and the fact that the IPA Director is one of the unofficial "sole survivors" of the Dark Continent. The other two cabinmates also believe that their superior Steiner is heading for a promotion with the success of this expedition.[2]

Peuckert and his superior Steiner are accompanied by presumably three representatives of the Kakin Justice Department and several soldiers of the Kakin Army to arrest Prince Halkenburg under circumstantial evidence for the disappearance of Prince Benjamin's personal soldier Vict.[1]


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