Pitcher of Eternal Water (湧き水の壺) is a card found in the Greed Island game. It is one of the game's 100 designated slot cards and is required for a player to complete the game. This pitcher gives fresh, clean water to the player.

Card InfoEdit

Type: Designated Slot Card G.I Restricted Card - Border
Name: Pitcher of Eternal Water 湧き水の壺

Wakimizu no Tsubo

(Pot of Spring Water)
Number: #003
Rank: A

Transformation: 17

Card Effect: A jar from which pure, clean water (1440 L per day) continually flows.
How to Obtain: (unknown)


Pitcher of Eternal Water 湧き水の壺 - This pitcher of Eternal Water allows a player to be provided with a continuous flow of fresh clean water everyday. The total volume of water produced is 1440 Liters. Combined with the Tree of Plenty card, a player could potentially live off the food and water from these two cards.

Card DescriptionEdit

[Jap] No.003 - 湧き水の壺


[Eng] No.003 - Pitcher of Eternal Water

The vase continuously gives clean water. It can give 1440 litres clean water a day.

Card FormsEdit