The Plot of Beach NPC is a young NPC woman that leads Greed Island players that meet the preexisting requirements, on a quest to acquire the "Plot of Beach" card.[1]


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The NPC speaks in a deep morose monotone monologue and barely expresses any emotions when stating her programmed lines.[1]


Greed Island arcEdit

When Kazsule's Alliance arrives in Soufrabi and asks around town for information on the "Plot of Beach", Kazsule finds the Plot of Beach NPC, who divulges that it's a place where valuable treasures lie. She also details that pirates that took over the town 15 years ago lead by Razor and his 14 Devils killed all of the fishermen who knew about the location of "Plot of Beach", including her father and brother, but she knows of the location of the card thanks to her brother. After talking it over with the other alliance members, Kazsule asks the woman for the location of the Pirates' Base.[1]

Soon after Gon's team beats the Razor pirates, the Plot of Beach NPC leads them to the top of the lighthouse and under one of the windows, she presses a hidden switch that shines a beacon light on the location of "Plot of Beach". She also reveals that there aren't any valuable treasures in the underwater cave as it's just an exaggerated myth and she wanted to tell Razor and his pirates, but she thought they'd never believe her. Gon inquires if no one ever told the pirates the location of the "Plot of Beach", which the Plot of Beach NPC responds that it's a sacred place to them and would never reveal its location, even if it cost them their lives. Hearing this saddens Gon, but Killua reminds him it's just a game. The Plot of Beach NPC gazes out onto the ocean as the sun rises and says that she can finally again enjoy the view from the lighthouse and admits her treasure is the ocean itself. She then transforms into the "Plot of Beach" card.[2]


  • Her name was never given in the manga or anime adaptations.


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