Porcupine ((やま)(あらし)()()()()()()()(), Yamārashi) was a member of the Shadow Beasts, the elite guard of the Ten Dons.[4]


Porcupine 2011 Design

Porcupine's 2011 anime adaptation design

Porcupine was a man of small stature, who did not seem to have a nose and was seen dressed in casual sportswear and flip-flops. His appearance did not rouse much fear; indeed, he almost seemed nice in comparison to his more intimidating looking peers. He had a rather expressionless face that would default to a sullen expression. In the 2011 anime adaptation and the manga, Porcupine appeared to be completely bald, however, in the former he was also shown with a pronounced forehead. In the 1999 anime adaptation, he was close to being completely bald but possessed 3 tiny hairs that formed a small tuft on his forehead.


Porcupine was mostly apathetic,[4] only showing a couple of emotions when he entrapped Uvogin in his "needling body hairs".[5]


Yorknew City arc

Members of the Shadow Beasts

The Shadow Beasts appear

Porcupine along with Leech, Rabid Dog, and Worm first appears in front of the remaining Nostrade Family bodyguards in the Gordeau Desert, each of them being sent by one of the Ten Dons to deal with the thieves of the Underground Auction. He along with Leech and Rabid Dog speculate how their target Uvogin is no ordinary thief and even noting that not only is he a specialist in his field of work, but also a professional killer. After three of the Shadow Beasts confront Uvogin and after they question one another; Worm ambushes Uvogin by punching his face, but gets his own face smashed in.[4]

So Worm retaliates by dragging Uvogin's arm into the ground and pins him, while the remaining Shadow Beasts try a head-on attack together against Uvogin. Unamused by the situation Uvogin uses his signature move Big Bang Impact decimating the entire ground beneath him and revealing his Spider tattoo. With Uvogin taunting the Shadow Beasts the three charges head-on against him and Uvogin gets his arm entrapped in Porcupine's "needling body hairs". Porcupine then explains that he can control and modify the length and consistency of his bodily hair.[5]

Porcupine's death

Porcupine's eardrums burst

As Uvogin struggles to shake off Porcupine off his arm, but to no avail; he tries to punch Leech with Porcupine still attached, the latter merely softens the hairs that touch Leech. After Uvogin finishes off both Leech and Rabid Dog, Porcupine suspects he's next, but assures himself that he'll be alright, since there's no attack he cannot block. However, Uvogin uses an enhanced scream, causing Porcupine's eardrums to rupture instantly killing him. With Porcupine's death, his hairs that trapped Uvogin are released.[5]

Abilities & Powers

As a Shadow Beast, Porcupine is very influential within the Mafia Community. He is also a capable fighter, one of the best serving under the Ten Dons since he was chosen as one of their personal bodyguards. However, he was no match for Uvogin. His abilities are useful for personal defense and to impede the opponent, leaving up to his allies the task of finishing him off.


Porcupine is a Transmuter*.[2][3] As a Shadow Beast, he is one of the ten best Nen users within the Mafia Community, making him a fearsome opponent. His abilities also work well in conjunction with those of other Shadow Beasts. Porcupine is also fairly proficient at Zetsu since he managed to near Neon Nostrade's bodyguards with only Melody and possibly Kurapika noticing.

Porcupine's Nen Type: Transmutation*
Type: Unknown Needling Body Hairs*
Porcupine Hairs 2011 Porcupine's ability allows him to control his own body hairs. After ejecting hairs from his body through unknown means, he can give them the consistency and size he wishes. While it is unclear if they are strengthened through Enhancement, he most likely resorts to Manipulation to move them telekinetically. He can turn them into thin spikes that are sharp and durable enough to pierce through Uvogin's steel-hard skin. These spikes can be used to intercept enemy blows, and Porcupine is confident they can stop even projectiles. Due to their number and flexibility, they cannot be removed without Porcupine's intervention. According to him, once the barrier is built, nothing will be able to penetrate it. Porcupine can also use his body hairs to envelop an object, making it useless, or to absorb all the brunt of an impact.[5]


  • Yorknew City arc:
    • Porcupine, Worm, Rabid Dog, and Leech vs. Uvogin (Gordeau Desert)[4][5]


Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic نيص (Nis)
China Flag Chinese 豪豬 (Háozhū)
France Flag French Yama Arashi
Thailand Flag Thai เม่น (Mèn)


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