"What's abstract now may be cruel reality later. One must be ready for such crossroads in life."

— The Quizzing Lady, in "The Ultimate Choice"

The Quizzing Lady is one of the examiners in the preliminary phase of the 287th Hunter Exam. She gives candidates quizzes before they could proceed to the next phase.[1]


Quizzing Lady's 2011 anime adaptation design

The Quizzing Lady is a petite old woman with a hunched back and long, grey hair tied behind her back, and a wrinkled face. All her teeth have fallen out except for two, which protrude from her lips. She wears tabi, a pink skirt, a light purple shirt with large sleeves and darker collar and hem, a light shirt, and a white necklace reminiscent of Buddhist prayer beads, with leaves between some of them. She walks with the aid of a cane with a sphere at the top.


During her quizzes, she is stern and theatrical. She is also perceptive, realizing Kurapika had understood the trap in her quiz. However, she is very kind to those who pass and claims she accepted to test applicants because she wanted to meet interesting people.


Hunter Exam arc

She blocks the way of Gon, Kurapika, Leorio, and Matthew in a desolated alley near Dolle Harbor when they are trying to get to Zaban City and asks them two dilemmatic quizzes which they have to answer in 5 seconds. Matthew gives her an answer and in return she shows him a wrong way, leading to him being attacked by beasts. Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio, on the other hand, can't give her any answer within the time limit, thus she shows them the right way because not answering is the correct answer to the dilemma. However, she notes that Gon had the right mentality to the question; what was trivial abstraction now could become reality, and one must be prepared to make the choice then.[1]


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