Radio Rat (リモコンラット, Rimokon Ratto—lit. "Remote Control Rat") is a card found in the Greed Island game. This is a standard card that can be obtained by the player. These cards can be placed in the player's "Free Slots". It is also a creature featured in the game.

Card InfoEdit

Type: Free Slot Card G.I Free Card - Border
Name: Radio Rat リモコンラット()()()()()()()()()()
(Rimokon Ratto)
(Remote Control Rat)
Number: #711
Rank: H
Transformation: 800
Card Effect: Summons forth a Radio Rat. These hard-to-catch creatures use aura to control a suit of armor. As a defensive measure, it uses this armor to mislead a target into thinking the armor is the enemy whilst the true creature can escape.
How to Obtain: Catch one from the wild.


This is a common creature found in the Greed Island game. It is quite hard to catch to someone on their own, and even harder for someone not able to use Gyo. This is because the creature conjures and manipulates a suit of armor as a defense. It can then use this armor to attack any nearby threats. Naturally, an unsuspecting threat would not realize that the true creature is hidden elsewhere. Gyo can be used to see the aura, and follow it back to the creature.

Card DescriptionEdit

[Jap] No.711 :: リモコンラット

念能力で物を操って身を守る操作系ネズミ。とても臆病で、いきなり他の生物と出会うだけで気絶してしまう。 繁殖力旺盛で島中どこでも見かけることができる。

[Eng] No.711 :: Radio Rat

A manipulator that uses Nen to distract predators. It's very timid, and passes out at the slightest surprise. As prolific breeders, they can be found all over the island.

Card FormsEdit



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