"Ging taught me that if just one person in the whole world believes in you, you can be redeemed."

— Razor to Gon Freecss, in "Declaration of War"

Razor (レイザー, Reizā) is one of the Game Masters of Greed Island. He is in charge of the game's emissive systems, and as such ensures the smooth functioning of most spells.[2] He also serves as the final boss of the quest to acquire "Plot of Beach".[3]


Razor's (and his Devils') 2011 anime adaptation design

Razor is a tall, extremely well-built man with broad shoulders and large muscles spanning his entire body. When he was first encountered, he is seen wearing a clean, white T-shirt and red shorts, as well as a pair of green and yellow shoes. His hair is purple in color and is spiked up in a jagged fashion.

His 14 devils vary in size and shape, but a consistent factor seems to be their color palette, which involves a plain, white body, and a blue head, which seems to be shaped in either a jester fashion or a dome shape which has yellow balls protruding from it. The exception is No. 0, which is completely blue with white hands and feet. All of the devils have their corresponding numbers imprinted on their chests, which are in black (the exception being No. 0 yet again, which has a white number).


Razor is generally laid back and friendly, showing little to no animosity toward other people, even those who have come to challenge him. However, when confronting or battling someone, he is ruthless and competitive yet very reasonable. He does not take disobedience lightly and readily punishes those who break the rules. He does not openly look down on people with weaker abilities than his and takes no notice of disparities in age or experience when fighting. Razor treats Gon as an adult, not a child, and holds a lot of respect for him; he both admires and envies Gon for the trust that Ging places in him.


Razor talking to Ging

When Razor was young, he was a victim of child abuse. He was rarely called by his first name and was instead referred to as "slowpoke", "good for nothing", "loser" and "idiot", among other insults. He grew into a criminal who committed multiple murders and was eventually apprehended by Ging. He was sentenced to death, but Ging hired him and brought him to Greed Island, enlisting his help to create the game. Razor thought Ging was insane, getting excited like a kid over the game and asking him not to hold back against his son. Ging then put a hand on his shoulder and said that he was counting on him, also calling Razor by his name. This caused Razor to feel as though it had been the first time that had happened, and his respect and affection for Ging grew.[4] He has been on the island for at least 13 years.[5]


Greed Island arc

Razor expelling the Phantom Troupe

When the Phantom Troupe attempts to enter Greed Island without using a console, Razor is notified by Eta and sent to deal with them. He introduces himself to the group and shows the Game Master-only spell card "Eliminate". With Phinks' reluctant approval, he teleports all the Spiders to random places on the Azian Continent. After commenting on the group's power, Razor blows up their boat by spiking an aura ball into it.[2]

When Kazsule's Alliance searches for "Plot of Beach", they discover that Razor is, within the game's fiction, the leader of a group of 14 pirates who took over Soufrabi, and that they must be chased out of the town to acquire the card.[3] Bopobo and two other pirates take the members of the alliance to the lighthouse where Razor and the rest of the pirates reside. As per the quest's rules, Razor declares that he will leave the town if the alliance wins at least 8 out of 15 sports trials, whereas the challengers will have to leave the premises should they fail to do so.[6] He serves as the referee in the boxing competition, which is won by his side. He quickly realizes that Gon, Killua, and Biscuit intentionally lost their matches to discover as many sports as possible without revealing their own abilities, and thinks that they will be back with stronger players on their side.[7]

The start of the dodgeball match

Roughly one week later, the three return with Goreinu, Hisoka, and Tsezguerra's team as allies, together with a bunch of players serving as filler. After Barry, Kess, and Rodriot score three wins, Razor signals to the pirates that they can lose on purpose as he will take the challengers on himself. Bopobo, however, rebels and tries to incite a riot. When he disregards Razor's order, the Game Master executes him on the spot and declares that he will compete next.[8] He then summons his 14 Devils with his Nen to form his eight-person team and challenge the players to a dodgeball match. His claim that a regular throw imbued with aura would be as destructive as the attack he smashed Bopobo's head with frightens the filler players, prompting Gon to ask to compete with only six players. Razor, however, says that they must compete with the same number of players. Gon then irately demands to know why Razor killed his comrade,, and Razor calmly replies by listing Bopobo's crimes. Tsezguerra reveals that Greed Island takes place in the real world, not in a virtual reality. Razor cuts the explanation short by stating that they are isolated either way. Gon then asks about Ging, causing the Game Master to recognize him as his benefactor's son. Unleashing his Ren, he reveals that Ging told him not to hold back if Gon ever challenged him. His display of power scares off the filler players, so Goreinu summons his two Nen beasts to complete the team. After the rules are explained, the match begins, with Razor allowing his opponents to have the first shot.[9]

Razor preparing to throw

He lets Goreinu eliminate two of his devils, then stops his throw with one hand and retaliates. Goreinu avoids the ball by switching places with his White Goreinu, which is destroyed after taking the brunt of Razor's throw. The ball bounces back to Razor, who initiates a series of lightning-quick passages with his eliminated teammates. One of them hits and severely injures Tsezguerra, who has to move out of the court to receive first aid. Razor is intrigued when Hisoka takes out one devil and retrieves the ball with Bungee Gum.[10] He counters his next throw by merging No. 6 and No. 7 into No. 13, which catches the ball and forces Hisoka to rescind his ability. Gon and Killua activate Ken in preparation for his attack, and Razor declares Gon as his target. The boy manages to deflect the throw with Ko, but is blasted out of bounds and eliminated. When the game resumes, Goreinu aims a throw at his Black Goreinu, which he has trade places with Razor, hitting him in the face,[11] but the combined efforts of two of his devils nullify the strategy, catching the ball before it touches the ground and then hitting Goreinu's face with enough force to knock him unconscious. Now in possession of the ball, Razor throws it at Killua, who dodges right, but he then makes it curve at the last moment. Biscuit jumps out of the way, although part of her dress is damaged, and Hisoka manages to dodge the throw, but one of Razor's devils swiftly catches the ball and throws it back at him. At the cost of breaking two fingers, Hisoka manages to catch it using Bungee Gum. Biscuit is eliminated since clothing counts as part of one's body, and Gon uses up his team's "back" to return to the court. He has Killua hold the ball for him while he charges up his attack.[12]

Razor bumping Gon's Rock

Gon then punches it with Rock, knocking No. 13 out of bounds. While he prepares the ability again, Biscuit tells Razor that he chose the wrong sport since Gon has all the time to build up his energy, but Razor dismisses her. When Gon throws a second time, Razor cancels the ball's momentum with a bump, but Hisoka snatches it out of the air with Bungee Gum, forcing the Game Master to expend his "back".[13] Biscuit takes out No. 2, so only Razor remains on his side of the court. When the match resumes after the timeout requested by Tsezguerra, Razor dispels his Nen beasts to retrieve the dispersed aura. He then throws the ball into the air and prepares to spike it,[14] but Gon, Killua and Hisoka's formation allows them to catch it. Impressed, Razor analyzes their strategy, praising Killua's proficiency at Ryu. To end the match quickly, he decides to pick them off one by one right after Gon's next attack, before they can regroup. When Gon musters even more aura than before, Razor is left speechless, silently describing him as a monster and reflecting that he is indeed Ging's son.[15] He acknowledges that he will not be able to catch the ball and instead bounces it back at Gon with a bump, confident that the boy will try to catch it; however, Gon passes out from exhaustion and the ball sails past him. Hisoka returns it with Bungee Gum, and Razor attempts to repeat his bump, but the sticky aura glues the ball to his wrists, forcing him out of bounds. The referee declares that Gon's team is the winner.[16]

After the match, Razor approaches Gon to answer his questions about Ging.[16] He reveals that Gon's father is not on the island and talks about his past as a criminal and his meeting with Ging. Saying that he did his best, he congratulates Gon on his victory and hopes he can find Ging.[4]


"Eliminate": As a Game Master, Razor is in possession of a special card that allows him to banish players who enter Greed Island illegally to a random location on the Azian Continent.[2]

Abilities & Powers

Razor is a very powerful individual. His presence alone intimidates the other convicts, all of whom are Nen users, into sticking to their roles. Goreinu noted he is stronger than any of them as well as anyone in Kazsule's Alliance.[8] Phinks took note of his strength during their first encounter, and agreed to leave the island peacefully once presented with the "Eliminate" card.[2] He is a skilled sportsman, his specialty being dodgeball.[9] A match against him is potentially lethal to most contenders, and the only member of Gon's group who came out of the match unscathed was Biscuit, in spite of the group having won the game.[16]

Preternatural Perception: Razor was able to sense that Gon, Killua, and Biscuit were more capable than the other members of Kazsule's group,[7] as well as sensing the power of the six Spiders he expelled.[2] When Gon's team returned for their second game, he was immediately able to discern the real contenders from the filler. He was also immediately able to understand Gon's plan to stop his ball and point out each role needed to perform the act.[8][9][15]

Razor easily catching a Nen-enhanced throw from Goreinu

Immense Strength: Razor was able to catch a ball covered in aura with only one hand and while in a state of Ten. He can throw a normal ball at such speed that even powerful fighters may have a hard time following its trajectory.[10] Razor also believed himself to be capable of catching a ball thrown by Gon with an incomplete Rock,[15] whereas the same technique pushed his strongest devil outside the court.[13] He also estimated that he would succeed when Gon fired the ball with his full-power Rock, albeit at the cost of being knocked out of bounds. After recovering his aura, he was able to redirect the powerful strike back at Gon with a bump.[16]

Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: Razor's throws travel at immense speed. When passing it around with his devils, he uses incredible reflexes and eye-hand coordination to be able to redirect it.[10]

Keen Intellect: Razor figured out why Gon, Killua, and Biscuit underperformed in their first encounter,[7] and could tell that the three had chosen five players as filler the second time around.[10]

Master Thrower: Razor has proven to be very accurate with both emitted and real balls. He was able to hit a ship some dozens of meters from the shore with a spike,[2] and to cause a ball he threw to rebound towards him after hitting his target.[10] He also displayed the ability to throw shoot balls that can turn ninety degrees sharply and after traveling the exact distance he calculated.[12]

Masterful Dodgeball Player: Razor excels at every aspect of this sport, be it throwing,[10][12] passing,[10] catching,[10][15][16] and selecting who to take out, and at what rhythm.[15]

Masterful Volleyball Player: Razor incorporates volleyball techniques in dodgeball as well as in his fighting style. He uses jump-spikes to propel Nen-enhanced balls[15] or spheres of aura[2] at his target with incredible force, and bumps to cancel out the momentum of throws that may be too powerful to catch,[15] even deflecting them in a direction of his choosing.[16] Biscuit was amazed by his timing and technique.[15]


Razor's powerful aura

Razor is an Emitter*.[1] Since he became a Game Master and was put in charge of the game's emissive systems,[2] it can be inferred that he was already a powerful Nen user 13 years prior to meeting Gon.[5] He is also skilled enough in Manipulation to incorporate it in one of his Nen abilities, with which he can control eight Nen beasts.[9] He is also knowledgeable in the different types of control granted by this Nen type.[12] Depending on how the Nen beasts are created, he might also be proficient in Conjuration, despite it being the type he is the least compatible with, or even Transmutation. Tsezguerra recognized Razor as a Game Master just from feeling his aura reserves, which are far greater than those of any other pirate.[9] Throughout the match, Razor threw several balls that compared in power to those launched by Gon's imperfect Rock, on top of utilizing Ko at least three times,[9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16] and still showed no signs of fatigue at all, which vouches for a tremendous amount of aura even when also handling the game's emissive systems.[16] His display of Ren frightened off the filler players gathered by Kess and Rodriot and gave Gon the shivers.[9] He has a considerable aura output, which allows him to maintain eight Nen beasts while the combination of his physical strength and aura can impart the ball with enough force to kill skilled Nen users. When he was targeted by one of Razor's throws, Goreinu instantly assumed that trying to catch it would result in his death, and the psychological damage was so overwhelming that he was unable to summon his White Goreinu for the rest of the match.[10] Razor is, in fact, a very proficient Shu user. One of his throws, which had been weakened by several passes,[12] was nonetheless able to critically wound Tsezguerra, and Killua, upon catching it after it bounced off the floor, commented that it felt as heavy as a bowling ball.[10] Gon, an Enhancer, intercepted an incredibly fast throw with Ko and suffered only minor injuries, but was still knocked back and sent crashing into a wall.[11] Razor's spike, which combines his full output and physical strength, required the combined efforts of Gon, Killua, and Hisoka to be caught, and in particular extremely precise positioning, aura control, and specific Nen abilities.[14][15]

Razor destroying the Troupe's boat with his spike

The sheer power of his throws with a limited aura output implies that he is also a powerful Enhancement user. He was able to effortlessly catch a Shu-enhanced ball thrown by Goreinu with only one hand while in a state of Ten.[10] His Ko with a capped output allowed him to repel the ball hurled by Gon with Rock, which was said to be as powerful as one of Razor's throws,[13] and Razor believed that he would be able to catch it.[15] After retrieving all his dispersed aura, he also estimated that he would succeed in catching Gon's full-power Rock, albeit at the cost of being pushed out of bounds, and succeeded in redirecting it with a bump.[16] He can transition from Ken to Ko,[16] and his mastery of the latter technique means that he must also be capable of performing Zetsu and Gyo.[17] Although he never needed Ryu in the dodgeball match, he recognized the complexity of Killua's feat when he acted as a cushion for his team.[15]

Razor's Nen Type: Emission*
Type: Emission Aura Ball*
Nen Emitted Ball.gif Razor can emit his compressed aura in a red, glowing sphere which he then hurls at the target. He smashed Bopobo's head with a normal throw,[8] and caused a boat several dozens of meters away to explode by jump-spiking the orb into it with great ease.[2]
Type: Manipulation 14 Devils (14()(にん)()(あく)()()()()()(), 14-Nin no Akuma)
Razors 14 Devils.png Razor can create eight anthropomorphic Nen beasts, numbered from 0 to 7, which he calls "devils". In his dodgeball game, seven of them act as his teammates and one as the referee.[9] The devils are capable of redirecting his passes with such speed that Tsezguerra could not follow them,[10] although the destructive power of the ball decreases with each pass.[12] If two devils fuse together, the numbers on their bodies add up, creating a bulkier monster. Although the number of Nen beasts is reduced through this procedure, the resulting devil is physically stronger than any of the two from which it originated: No. 13, the fusion of No. 6 and No. 7, managed to catch Hisoka's throw, which no individual devil was able to achieve on its own, as well as to prevent him from retrieving the ball from its grasp.[11] One of its throws also knocked out Goreinu despite the ball not being infused with aura.[12] However, even No. 13 was pushed out of bounds when it tried to hold on to a ball punched by Gon with Rock.[13]

A side effect of the ability is that Razor is unable to draw out his full power while his aura is split among the Nen beasts; however, he can simply dispel the Nen beasts to recover it and utilize his full output.[14] This faculty might suggest that like Morel Mackernasey's puppets,[18] Razor's Nen beasts are created with Emission and possibly also Transmutation, as the Sea Hunter also has the ability to retrieve the aura he poured inside of them,[19] although the possibility still exists that the devils are conjured.

Battles & Competitions

  • Greed Island arc:
    • Razor vs. Ging Freecss (Past)[4]


  • (To the Phantom Troupe) "It's been years since we've had an uninvited guest. It makes me nervous."[2]
  • (To the Phantom Troupe) "A cheat for a cheat... I'm sorry, but you'll have to leave."[2]
  • (To the Phantom Troupe) "We'll welcome you back as long as you arrive the right way. There's an item you can get by fighting me, so I'm sure we'll meet again if you play."[2]
  • (About the Phantom Troupe) "Hmm. That was some group."[2]
  • (About Gon, Killua, and Biscuit) "They'll be back, all right. With more powerful allies next time..."[7]
  • (About Gon's team, Hisoka, Goreinu, and Tsezguerra) "Those six seem good enough. This will be interesting."[8]
  • (To the convicts, about Bopobo) "Breaking the taboo warrants severe punishment... or didn't I tell him? Did he think I wouldn't follow through? Fool!"[8]
  • (To Gon) "You must be Gon. Your dad told me not to go easy on you when you got here."[9]
  • (To Gon) "It's not all dodging and catching. Not that this is helpful."[13]
  • (About Gon) "Ging... you can be proud. This boy is indeed your son."[15]
  • (To Gon) "I felt like I was called by name for the first time in my life."[4]
  • (To Gon) "Just as Ging believed in you and asked me to do this... I believed in you too. I spared no effort."[4]


  • Upon meeting the Spiders, Razor commented that it had been years since trespassers had come to the island.[2] However, according to Shalnark, he also expelled Chrollo, a deduction Hisoka did not refute.[20] This would mean that Chrollo either came to the island after the other Spiders, or that he never did in the first place, and Hisoka simply did not bother to correct Shalnark.
  • According to the "Hunter × Hunter Manual" section found in the Yu ☆ Yu ☆ Hakusho official character book (Shueisha Jump remix),* Razor's stats are:
Story Arcs Mind Skill Body Nen Ingenuity Intelligence
Greed Island arc 4/5 4/5 4/5 4/5 4/5 4/5

Intertextuality and References

  • Razor and his 14 Devils could be a reference to the place called Devil City in "Game Battler"—a game created by Amanuma in YuYu Hakusho. Similarly, Game Battler requires a specific number of players before you can challenge the Game Master.
  • Razor's aura orb is similar to "Splinter Resshūken", a technique used by YuYu Hakusho character Shinobu Sensui.

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic ريزر (Ryzr)
France Flag.png French Laser
Russia Flag.png Russian Рейзор (Reyzor)


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