The Restricted Voyage Agencies[1] (特別渡航課(トッコー), Tokkō—lit. "Special Travel Departments") are five departments that regulate travel to the Dark Continent in each of the Five Modern Nations.[1] Currently, all RVAs are coordinated by Steiner, the Deputy Secretary of the International Permit Agency (IPA).[2]


In order to reach the Dark Continent, it is necessary to send an application to the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of each of the members of the V5, from which the applicant is redirected to the corresponding Restricted Voyage Agency, a process of finishing contracts, briefings and other procedures that require about five months or half a year. Then, the applicant must meet the Section Chief of the RVAs, for which they need introduction letters from three members of their country's congress, all of which still does not guarantee acceptance by the International Permit Agency.[1]


Dark Continent Expedition arcEdit

After Nasubi Hui Guo Rou reveals his colonization project, which ignores the normal procedures, the IPA Deputy Secretary is put in charge of a team coordinating all RVAs.[2]


  • It is unknown if a sixth RVA was created following Kakin's admittance in the V6.


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