Reunion (再会, Saikai) is the 21st volume of the Hunter × Hunter manga series. It was released by Shueisha on February 4th, 2005 in Japan and by Viz Media on July 1st, 2008 in English.



As Killua fights against Illumi's influence and struggles in his duel with Shoot, the King is suddenly born in the nest, mortally wounding his mother and killing two Squadron Leaders. The three Royal Guards arrive and escort him outside, with the King killing a family of three in his search for rare humans. While many of the other Squadron Leaders abandon the dying Queen, Colt surrenders himself to Morel and Knov, pleading the two Hunters to save the Queen's life. Knuckle and Shoot make their way into NGL as Gon and Killua stay behind, with Gon now under the effects of Knuckle's I.R.S. and unable to use Nen for 30 days.

After Netero departs to see an old friend, the other Hunters and a medical team head to the nest and attempt to save the Queen's life. Her wounds are too severe, but before she dies, she tells them that her son's name is Meruem. Colt finds a tiny baby still alive in her womb, swearing to protect it and reminiscing on his human sister and mother. With the other Squadron Leaders spreading out to become kings, the King and Royal Guards arrive at the royal palace in East Gorteau. Massacring the soldiers and eating them to become stronger, the King then kills the country's dictator and plans to turn the palace into a processing plant for humans.

To appease Palm after not defeating Knuckle and Shoot, Gon promises to go on a date with her. He also gets word from Knuckle that they found Kite and are bringing him back from the nest. As Killua keeps an eye on Gon during his date, he encounters Rammot and overcomes Illumi's spell by removing a needle that was secretly implanted in his forehead. With his mind now clear, Killua easily decapitates and kills the Chimera Ant.

Morel and Knuckle have a short fight with Cheetu, during which time Knuckle attaches A.P.R. to the Ant. Gon reunites with Kite, but is overcome with emotion as he sees the torture he endured as a training tool for the Ants. Gon promises to fix him and swears to fight Neferpitou on his own. The Hunters receive a message from Netero to invade the palace at midnight the night before the rally. With the 30 days that have passed, Gon is able to use Nen again, and Morel orders Gon to attack him to see if he's ready for the mission. Killua stops Gon before he can unleash his powerful Jajanken, and Morel is left frightened and satisfied. The matchups for the invasion are arranged: Gon and Killua versus Neferpitou, Knuckle and Shoot versus Menthuthuyoupi, Morel and Knov versus Shaiapouf, and Netero versus Meruem.

Author's Note

I'm just barely getting by.

Yoshihiro Togashi

Vol 21


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