Rhino (サイ, Sai) was a Chimera Ant Soldier from Leol's Squad.[1]



Rhino's manga appearance

Rhino had the appearance of a humanoid rhinoceros with two horns on his head and two along his snout. He had shaggy dark blue hair and wore a karate gi.[1]


He was a boastful Chimera Ant who was also very confident in his abilities. He believed that since Baro was defeated, he was trash.


Chimera Ant arc

83 - Rhino vs Killua

Killua kills Rhino

Rhino fights Killua in a one on one match after being called up by a lottery ticket.[1] The Ant boasts that he's ten times stronger than Baro.[2] Off screen, Rhino is dealt with and Killua inquires if any of the other Ants are stronger than their deceased ally.[2]

Abilities & Powers

As a Chimera Ant, Rhino is already stronger than the average human, and he claims to be 10 times stronger than Baro.[2] Due to his rhinoceros genes, he has very hard skin that cannot be penetrated by normal means, and was durable enough to withstand Killua's clawed strike at first.[3] Despite this, he was completely overwhelmed by Killua and unable to follow his movements whatsoever. He also used his horns on one occasion to try and impale Killua.[3]


  • Chimera Ant arc:
    • Rhino vs. Killua Zoldyck[1][2]


  • The character's name is only given by Madhouse for the 2011 anime (in the credits). The manga did not give a name.
    • He is referred to as サイ男 (Sai Otoko, literally "Rhino Man").[3]
      • In the credits for the English dub: "Rhino".[3]
    • On the website for the 2011 anime adaptation, he is called サイ型 (Sai-gata,[4] literally "Rhino type").

Anime and Manga Differences

  • The fight between Rhino and Killua is only in the anime. In the fight, Killua consistently hits Rhino with his Lightning Palm, until his skin is vulnerable for Killua to pierce him with his hand.[3]

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic وحيد القرن


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