The Risky Dice (リスキーダイス, Risukī Daisu) is an icosahedron dice that can only be found in Greed Island.[1]


The Risky Dice is an icosahedron dice that has 19 sides with a star for very good/excellent luck (✩) and 1 side with a skull and crossbones (☠) for great misfortune.[1]


Greed Island arc

At the Dorias casino slot machines, Killua rolls a Risky Dice to increase his luck and wins a "Rainbow Diamond". Figuring he can win more cards with the dice, Killua gives all of the cards in his binder to Gon. This was a precautionary move in case he was to roll a ☠, however, he was confident he wouldn't. At that moment a Greed Island player dies due to the repercussion from the dice. On the other hand, Killua brushes it off and challenges the Casino King. He wins against him earns the "Fledgling Gambler" card. Adamant to use the dice again, Biscuit knocks him out before he could.[1]

Meanwhile, the Bombers force one of their hostages Motaricke to roll a Risky Dice again a fourth time. The Bombers' goal was to gain a "Wild Luck Alexandrite" card through a Lottery, this however fails.[2]

In order to stay on top of the other players, Bara devises a plan using the Risky Dice in conjunction with the Tax Collector's Gauntlet. Genthru notes the risk of the plan and suggests they use the slaves to do their handy work. However, Sub and Bara are resolute to take the risk associated with the dice. This makes Genthru take the Risky Dice and rolls it himself, perturbing his teammates. The Risky Dice, however, lands on a ✩ and Genthru notes the risk factor is low so the plan should work perfectly.[2]

Afterward, Genthru trades with Tsezguerra's team, while Sub and Bara hide in the background awaiting their chance to make their ambush after they roll the Risky Dice.[3]


Risky Dice (G.I card) =scan=

A Risky Dice in its card form

The "Risky Dice" card designated number is 25. It has a rank-limit of B-30.


  • If a person's dice were to land on "Daikyō", the resulting bad luck would be a cumulative equivalent of all the good luck rolls from all of the players on the island.[2] This often results in the death of the thrower that lands on "Daikyō".[1]
  • Given that the singular form of the word "dice" is "die", the name of the item could be a play on the negative effect of the dice (the risk of the user dying).

Anime and Manga Differences

  • In the 2011 and 1999 anime adaptations, the die has kanji text written on each side instead of symbols; 大吉 (Daikichi, lit. "Very Good Luck") and 大凶 (Daikyō, lit. "Very Bad Luck").


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