Risky Dice (リスキーダイス, Risukī Daisu) is a card found in the Greed Island game. It is one of the game's 100 designated slot cards and is required for a player to complete the game. It allows the user the chance to increase their luck... but at a risk of course.

Card Info

Type: Designated Slot Card G.I Restricted Card - Border
Name: Risky Dice リスキーダイス (Risukī Daisu) Risky Die
Number: #025
Rank: B
Transformation: 30
Card Effect: A twenty-sided die with one skull face and 19 star faces. Great things happen when you roll a star, but rolling the skull will be bad enough to cancel out all the previous great events.
How to Obtain: In-Game Quest


Risky dice double

Sub and Bara using a Risky Dice and Levy combination

When this card is 'gained', the player obtains a 20-sided (icosahedron) dice. 19 of the sides, if rolled, give the player very good luck, but if the player rolls on the 'very bad luck' side, the resulting bad luck is bad enough to counteract all the good luck all players on the island have accumulated since the last bad roll, often resulting in the death of the thrower.

This dice can be used for nearly any situation where you wish to increase your odds at winning. For example, this dice is the key to winning valuable cards in the City of Gambling, Dorias.

Card Description

[Jap] No.025 - リスキーダイス


[Eng] No.025 - Risky Dice

An icosahedron dice. 1 surface is 'Very Bad Luck'. 19 surfaces are 'Very Good Luck'. Very good things happens when "Daikichi" pays. Everything "Daikichi" pays will add to great misfortune when "Daikyō" pays!

Translation Notes

In the 2011 anime and manga, the dice has kanji written on each surface
大吉 <- pronounced "Daikichi" here. It means "Very good/excellent Luck"
大凶 <- pronounced "Daikyō" here. It means "Great misfortune"

Card Forms


  • The Bombers use this dice to increase their odds at obtaining valuable cards from Team Tsezguerra using the spell card Levy.
  • It is commonly used in conjunction with "Lottery".
  • Killua uses this dice to win the Rainbow Diamond from a slot machine in Dorias, and later to defeat the best poker player of the casino.
    • During that time, he became addicted to gambling because of the dice.
    • He also suggests taking it out of the island in combination with "Fickle Genie" after clearing the game.
  • The appearance of the dice may vary, but the dice will always have 20 sides, and have only one bad luck face. In the 2011 anime and manga, the die is black with kanji text written on each side. In the 1999 series, the sides feature a picture. A 'happy face' for the good luck and a 'skull with crossbones' for the bad luck.
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