Royal Glam Hotel (ロイヤルグラムホテル, Roiyaru Guramu Hoteru) is the highest-class hotel in Glam Gas Land.[1]


The Royal Glam Hotel can seat over a thousand people for performances held there and it has the largest and grandest stage in all of the land. Putting on a successful performance on that stage guarantees you success in the entertainment world and all performers dream of performing on there, even if just once. All performances are witnessed by the head of the Glam Clan and any applause given by him are extolling and is said to be the tantamount of being recognized as a global level.[1]


Hisoka's Past spin-offEdit

The Moritonio Troupe put on a spectacular performance in the Royal Glam Hotel and earn unbridled applause from not only the audience but also the head of the Royal Glam Clan.[1]


  • The Royal Glam Hotel's architecture is fairly similar to and could have been inspired by the French monument/building La Grande Arche de la Défense located in a business district to the west of Paris.


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