The Royal Palace of East Gorteau is the home of Ming Jol-ik's double and its the nation of Republic of East Gorteau building of parliament.[1]


Chap 251 - Royal Palace floor plan

The Royal Palace floor plan

The palace is enclosed with tall stone walls, and is surrounded by a wide courtyard. Behind the palace, ten large trees with 500 fruits each tree intended for the cocoons are located. There is a central stairway that leads to the throne room on the third level.[2]


Chimera Ant arcEdit

Shortly after his birth, Meruem and his Royal Guards take over the palace.[3] At the time of the selection, the palace is destroyed by Zeno Zoldyck's Dragon Dive,[4] and later becomes a battlefield between the Hunters and Royal Guards.[5]


105 - Chimera Ants and humans

The current inhabitants of the Republic of East Gorteau palace

At the time of the invasion, the Royal Palace has 14 inhabitants:


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