Ruse Ravens (ホラガラス, Horagarasu) are a species of bird capable of mimicking the voices of others.[1]


Ruse Ravens look like normal ravens only with wonky eyes, two long strands of hair sticking out of the top of their heads, and a split tongue which enables them to replicate human speech.[1]


It spews lies to lure prey into deadly traps so it can feed upon their remains.[1]


Hunter Exam arcEdit

During the 287th Hunter Exam in the Milsy Wetlands, the ravens use their ability to mimic the voice of Satotz and lure unsuspecting Hunter examinees into dangerous traps that ultimately kills them. The ravens then proceed to scavenge the corpses of the victims.[1]


  • The Ruse Raven does not appear in the 1999 anime adaptation.


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