Ryu (リュウ, Ryuu) was examinee #34 in the 287th Hunter Exam.[1]


Ryu 2011 Design

Ryu's 2011 anime adaptation design

Ryu is a man of average build and height. He has spiky hair and a celestial nose. He wears a tunic over a long sleeve shirt, a belt that carries his sheathed broadsword, plain pants, and boots.[1]


Hunter Exam arc

Ryu first appears during the 287th Hunter Exam. Nothing is known about him, except that he is one of the 24 candidates who reached the Fourth Phase of the exam on Zevil Island.[1] During the Fourth Phase he fights with Bodoro and is defeated, failing to pass this phase in the process.[2]

Abilities & Powers

Not much is known about Ryu's fighting style, but going off the sword he's always seen carrying around, it may be inferred he is a swordsman.[1] Having passed the First Phase of the Hunter Exam, he is sure to have above-average stamina.[3]


  • Hunter Exam arc:
    • Ryu vs. Great Stamp[4]

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic ريو (Ryw)
France Flag French Ryû
Russia Flag Russian Рью (R'yu)


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