The Scarlet Eyes[2] or Crimson Eyes[3] (()()()()()()()()()()[2] or ()()()()()()()()()()[3], Hi no Me) are a trait exclusive to members of the Kurta Clan.[2] Particularly when treated as items, they are also known as Kurta Eyeballs (クルタ()(ぞく)()(がん)(きゅう)()()()()(), Kuruta-zoku no Gankyū).[4][5] Excluding Kurapika's, only 36 pairs exist.[6]


Though typically brown, the irises belonging to members of the Kurta Clan glow scarlet when they are emotionally agitated. If a member of the Kurta Clan dies in that state, his/her eyes permanently stay scarlet postmortem.[2]


Due to the Scarlet Eyes being considered one of the most gorgeous colors in the world, they are treated as a rare jewel by many.[2] After the Phantom Troupe massacre of the Kurta Clan, Kurapika is the last and only survivor of the Kurta Clan.[7]


Yorknew City arcEdit

Scarlet Eyes Up For Auction

The Scarlet Eyes up for auction

In the Nostrade's Mansion, Kurapika and the other applicants for the positions of Neon's bodyguards receive data cards listing items of which they have to bring one to be hired. One of the body part items is specifically a complete set of Kurta Eyeballs, that must be scarlet, with head preferred; the difficulty level is considered A.[4]

Pairs of Scarlet Eyes have been shown to cost anywhere from 900 million to over 2 billion Jenny Currency Symbol during the auction in Yorknew City. They were stolen by the Phantom Troupe.[6]

13th Hunter Chairman Election arcEdit

Kurapika was shown to have obtained multiple sets of Scarlet Eyes and is giving them a funeral in a church at an unknown location.[8]

Dark Continent Expedition arcEdit

The Fourth Prince of the Kakin Empire, Tserriednich Hui Guo Rou, has obtained a large and likely the last remaining sets of Scarlet Eyes.[3] Kurapika, with help given from Mizaistom Nana, plans on retrieving them during the voyage to the Dark Continent.[9]


  • Kurapika mentions a "daughter of the Mafia" among the people he extorted Scarlet Eyes from.[9] If the woman in question is Neon, an inconsistency results, since the pair Kurapika won at the auction for her were a copy forged by Kortopi,[6] which disappeared 24 hours later,[10] and the Nostrade Family went broke afterwards.[11]
    • Melody mentioned to Kurapika that Neon's Scarlet Eyes were stolen,[12] whereas in reality they vanished due to the restriction of Kortopi's Gallery Fake.[10]


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  1. It is unclear whether the Scarlet Eyes are directly responsible for the abilities or are just triggered and become red as a mere consequence/sign of activation of these powers.
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