The Scarlet Eyes[1] or Crimson Eyes[2] (()()()()()()()()()()[1] or ()()()()()()()()()()[2], Hi no Me) are a trait exclusive to members of the Kurta Clan.[1] Particularly when treated as items, they are also known as Kurta Eyeballs (クルタ()(ぞく)()(がん)(きゅう)()()()()(), Kuruta-zoku no Gankyū).[3][4] Excluding Kurapika's, only 36 pairs exist.[5]


Though typically brown, the irises belonging to members of the Kurta Clan glow scarlet when they are emotionally agitated. If a member of the Kurta Clan dies in that state, their eyes permanently stay scarlet postmortem.[1]


Due to the Scarlet Eyes being considered one of the most gorgeous colors in the world, they are treated as a rare jewel by many.[1] After the Phantom Troupe massacres the Kurta Clan, Kurapika is the clan's only survivor.[6]


Yorknew City arc[]

Scarlet Eyes Up For Auction

The Scarlet Eyes up for auction

In the Nostrade's Mansion, Kurapika and the other applicants for the positions of Neon's bodyguards receive data cards listing various items and are told to retrieve one of them. Kurapika quickly notes that the eyes are on the list, which also notes that they must be scarlet and that a complete set with the head is preferred (the task is given a difficulty level of "A").[3]

On September 1st, Dalzollene tells the bodyguards that the eyes are among the items that they need to win at Yorknew's Underground Auction for Neon.[4]

Kurapika arrives at the auction just as the announcer reveals that the Scarlet Eyes are their last item. After contacting Light and making sure that money is no object, he enters a bidding war against Zenji and wins the item after the final bid reaches Jenny Symbol 20112.9 billion.[5] However, the Scarlet Eyes that were won are only copies made by Kortopi.[7] Outside the Cemetery Building, Kurapika picks up the item on behalf of the Nostrade Family and carries the eyes in a gift-wrapped box. Armed with a pistol, Zenji confronts him and threatens to kill him, but Kurapika immobilizes him with fear and easily walks by him.[5]

In a hospital, Neon receives the Scarlet Eyes as a gift from her father and forgives him for lying to her earlier.[5] While Melody informs Kurapika that the Ten Dons have ordered the Mafia to end their pursuit of the Troupe, Neon admires the pair of Scarlet Eyes on her bed.[8] Once Chrollo discovers why Neon came to Yorknew and realizes that the chain user wants to retrieve his people's eyes, Shizuku gives the real eyes to Kortopi, who has to touch the real item and track the copy since they act as his En. After Kortopi points in the copy's direction and gives the exact distance, Chrollo uses a map to determine that the copied eyes are at the Hotel Beitacle (where Squala is watching over the eyes with his dogs).[9] Squala soon gets a call from Kurapika, who warns him that the Troupe is making their way to the hotel.[10] Squala quickly leaves with his dogs and makes sure to take the Scarlet Eyes with him.[11]

Greed Island arc[]

Melody tells Kurapika that the Scarlet Eyes were stolen the night Squala died and that Neon was more upset over Eliza as she mourned his death.[12]

13th Hunter Chairman Election arc[]

Continuing to ignore Leorio's phone calls, Kurapika is seen sitting in front of multiple sets of Scarlet Eyes at an unknown location as he mourns his fallen brethren.[13]

Dark Continent Expedition arc[]

Convincing Kurapika to join the Zodiacs and accompany them to the Dark Continent, Mizaistom informs him that the Fourth Prince of the Kakin Empire, Tserriednich Hui Guo Rou, has obtained a large collection of Scarlet Eyes.[2] Kurapika sits in front of the same shrine and remembers all the various people from whom he retrieved the eyes, revealing that Tserriednich has the last of them and that Pairo's are among them.[14]

Succession Contest arc[]

At least five pairs of eyes can be seen among Tserriednich's collection of body parts, with what looks like a child's head on display between them.[15]


  • Kurapika mentions a "daughter of the Mafia" among the people from whom he retrieved the eyes.[14] If the woman in question is Neon, a slight inconsistency results since the pair Kurapika won at the auction for her were a copy made by Kortopi,[5] which were stolen after Squala's death[12] and then disappeared 24 hours later.[16] It's possible that Kurapika eventually obtained the real pair which was in the Troupe's possession, but it's unlikely that Neon had obtained them given that the Nostrade Family struggled financially after she lost her ability.[17]


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