Sedokan (セドカン, Sedokan) is one of the prisoners in Trick Tower, used to test the examinees in the 287th Hunter Exam.[1]


Sedokan 1999 Design

Sedokan's 1999 anime adaptation design

Sedokan in the manga

Sedokan's manga appearance

Sedokan is a petite man with long, brown hair that covers his left eye. He seems to be lazy as he is always seen in a lazy expression. He dresses in the standard clothing given to all prisoners in the Trick Tower.[1]


Sedokan stated that he's not good at physical activities, such as fighting. He also seems to be cautious, as he prepared four candles prior to a match.[1]


Sedokan was sentenced 149 years in prison as he is a former serial bomber.[1]


Hunter Exam arc

Chibi Gon and Killua
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Sedokan loses

Sedokan loses

In Trick Tower, Sedokan faces Gon. However, instead of a battle, they have another kind of match. He holds out two candles with different lengths, and the one whose candle goes out first, loses. While Leorio and Kurapika debate which candle is the best choice, being the simple-minded kid that he is, Gon chooses the longer candle. Sedokan has actually prepared four candles so whichever Gon chooses, it will burn quicker than his own. He seems to have the upper hand but, before Gon's candle can go out, the boy blows out Sedokan's, winning the match.[1]

Abilities & Powers

Sedokan is not a fighter, but he is adequately clever. He is probably skilled in chemistry and bomb-making. He managed to switch one of the candles he held without anyone—not even Kurapika or Killua—noticing.

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic سيدوكان
Russia Flag Russian Седокан


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