The Sengi Guild[note 1] ((せん)()(かい)()()()()()()(), Senjikai—lit. "Thousand Ears Society/Association/Club") is an underground agency in a very poor looking slum. It is very well hidden from the public and is occupied by an agent. This is where Kurapika[1] and eventually Melody[2] go to earn jobs for Light Nostrade.[1]


The Sengi Guild is the lone location where a guild agent acts as a proxy to hire Nen capable people for shady underground work.[3]


Heavens Arena arc

Kurapika goes here in order to look for a job, only to be turned down by the agent stationed there. She tells Kurapika that the Hunter Exam isn't over yet and since he can't see what she's trying to "show him", he is told to return when he "learns to see".[3]

Yorknew City arc

After learning Nen from fellow Hunter Izunavi, the agent congratulates Kurapika for passing and allows him to get a job from her. Kurapika chooses a job from the Nostrade Family.[1]


  • A name for the agency, consistent with the original Japanese version, was omitted in the Viz translation of the manga as well as in the subtitles for both anime adaptations. Where the name of the place should be, the English translations:
    • of the manga and the 1999 anime series presents it as "the Employment Agency";[1][4]
    • and, the 2011 anime adaptation refers to it simply as "the agency".[2]
      • Previously, in the Huncyclopedia segment, the agency was called "Hunter Agency".[5]


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  1. The English version for the name of this place, Sengi Guild, is the one used in an early unofficial fanmade manga translation; still in use for lack of an official counterpart.
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