September 10th (9月10日, Kugatsu Tōka) is the 13th volume of the Hunter × Hunter manga series. It was released by Shueisha on November 2nd, 2001 in Japan and by Viz Media on March 6th, 2007 in English.



A hostage exchange is arranged over the phone, and Kurapika allows Pakunoda to meet with him first to confirm that Chrollo is still alive. At the meeting, she also agrees to allow Kurapika to use his Judgment Chain ability to plant chains around both her and Chrollo's hearts. Pakunoda's chain is set to kill her if she reveals Kurapika's abilities to another Phantom Troupe member, while Chrollo's chain will kill him if he uses his Nen or communicates with another member of the Troupe.

The hostage exchange is agreed to, with some amount of disagreement among the Spiders. Hisoka secretly follows Pakunoda to the exchange, planning to arrange a fight with Chrollo, but becomes uninterested once he discovers that Chrollo can no longer use his Nen. He leaves the Phantom Troupe, revealing his Spider tattoo to be a fake. After the exchange, Pakunoda returns to the headquarters of the Spiders without Chrollo. To answer the questions of the other members, she uses her Memory Bomb ability to transmit her memories and knowledge of Kurapika to six other Spiders, knowing that she will instantly be killed by the Judgment Chain, hoping her sacrifice will save the lives of the remaining members.

With Gon and Killua free, they are able to attend the Southernpiece Auction. They lack the ability to buy a copy of Greed Island, so they plan to apply for one of the Hunter positions that the billionaire Battera is filling to clear the game. At the auction, they unexpectedly run into Phinks and Feitan, who tell them that the Troupe is no longer seeking to kill Kurapika, as doing so would only strengthen the Judgment Chain around Chrollo's heart, and probably kill him. They don't reveal, however, that they are now searching for an Exorcist that can dispel the chain.

After the auction, Gon and Killua gain a preliminary interview with Tsezguerra, a fellow Hunter and Battera's chosen interviewer. He tells them that they are too weak in their current condition to play. Though frustrated, Gon and Killua do not give up. They spend the next four days before the official interview developing their respective abilities and pass with flying colors, shocking Tsezguerra with the speed of their progress. At the same time, the Spiders have also kept busy, having stolen one of Battera's copies of Greed Island. Gon, Killua, and the Troupe all enter Greed Island for the next arc of the story.

Author's Note

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Yoshihiro Togashi

Vol 13


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