September 4th: Part 2 (9月4日 その2, Kugatsu Yokka Sono Ni) is the 12th volume of the Hunter × Hunter manga series. It was released by Shueisha on July 4th, 2001 in Japanese and was released by Viz Media on January 2nd, 2007 in English.



Using the fortune-telling ability stolen from Neon, Chrollo creates fortunes for the entire Troupe. It reveals that in the coming weeks if they act normally, half of them would be killed by Kurapika. Faced with this information, Chrollo decides to order the Spiders to leave the city. Thinking quickly, Hisoka alters his fortune to instead indicate the deaths of the Spiders would be a direct result of returning home, forcing the group to stay so that Hisoka might find an opportunity to fight Chrollo. He also reveals the ruse of the dead bodies to Kurapika with a text message. The Mafia also cancels any reward on the members they believed still alive, after discovering the members were from Meteor City. Gon, Killua, and Leorio all offer to help Kurapika track down the Spiders again. They also enlist Melody to help them. Using her demonic hearing, she is able to follow the Spiders as they leave their hideout. The group follows the Spiders, but Gon and Killua are captured once again. Kurapika quickly formulates a plan which he communities to Gon and Killua via a Leorio pretending to yell through his phone. A blackout is orchestrated at the hotel the Spiders take the two boys to, and Kurapika captures Chrollo while Gon and Killua provide a distraction in the darkness. A ransom note is left for the Phantom Troupe, demanding Pakunoda keep the memories she has extracted secret, or Chrollo's life is forfeit, and a hostage exchange is set up over the phone.


  • In its original Japanese version, the cover of this volume presents the Phantom Troupe members' names written with hiragana instead of katakana, which is unusual not only for them but also for any character in the Hunter × Hunter series.
  • The cover of this volume is later referenced or has its general concept reused in the cover of Volume 36.


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