Shachmono Tocino (シャッチモーノ=トチーノ, Shacchimōno Tochīno) was a Hunter and a senior member of Neon Nostrade's bodyguards.[1]


Tocino's 2011 anime adaptation design

Tocino's manga appearance

Tocino was a man of average height and slender build who had orange hair with sideburns that curled at the end. His casual attire consisted of a green, pinstriped shirt with a black, pinstriped vest over it and a pair of gray pants along with brown shoes. When attending the Underground Auction, he wore a standard black suit with a tie (dark green in the 2011 anime adaptation).


Tocino had confidence in his Nen ability when he used it against the group of potential new bodyguard recruits,[2][1] However, he admitted that he did not expect to be exposed so quickly by Kurapika.[1] He also was knowledgeable about pertinent information regarding the Underground Auction and showed a valiant effort to try and save his comrades from harm during the massacre.[3]


At some point during his life, Tocino took and passed the Hunter Exam to obtain a Hunter License. He was also hired as a bodyguard for the Nostrade Family.[1]


Yorknew City arc

Tocino staring at Kurapika

Along with five other applicants for the Nostrade Family bodyguard position, Tocino waits in a room at the Nostrade's Mansion. The butler plays a video introducing the supposed boss who details the requirements for the position. The applicants are given a data card with specific items listed on it and instructed to retrieve one of them. When Basho tries to leave but finds that the door is locked, they are all suddenly ambushed by eleven hooded assailants wielding guns and swords.[2] During the assault, Tocino sticks with the applicant Melody until Kurapika holds him hostage with a knife and gives him three seconds to stop the assailants.[1]

Once Tocino yields to Kurapika's demand, the assailants suddenly fall empty to the floor. When Tocino asks how Kurapika knew that it was him, Kurapika explains that he figured it out after observing the assault from above on the chandelier, having deduced that he was in control of them since he was the only one not getting attacked. He also describes the irregularity of their movement and guesses that they can only follow simple commands, having guessed that the user was an Emitter and would need to be in the room given the amount of aura being consumed. Impressed by Kurapika's deduction, Tocino confirms it and introduces himself as a Hunter and an employee for the Nostrade Family. He points that he is Kurapika's senior and asks him to put away his dagger, admitting that he was ordered to test them with real threats.[1]

After sitting down, Tocino also admits that he didn't expect to be exposed so quickly, saying that the four of them should be able to easily escape the mansion. This bewilders the applicants as Tocino gives a small smile. Kurapika chuckles and tells Tocino that his attempt to cause confusion was the wrong choice since he can easily find out whether there are any more infiltrators. Kurapika then uses his Dowsing Chain on the other applicants and eventually determines that Squala is the other one. Squala tries to defend himself, but Melody supports Kurapika claim by explaining that he and Tocino both have heartbeats that are typical of a liar. After taking the situation into his own hands, Basho uses his Great Haiku ability on the others. After Tocino repeats that he is an infiltrator, Squala eventually admits the truth as well.[1]

Tocino listening to the details for the next mission

On August 31st, Tocino, Dalzollene, Linssen, Ivlenkov, and Squala escort Neon Nostrade by airship to Lingon Airport and then make their way by car to Yorknew City.[4] On the night of the Underground Auction, Dalzollene instructs the bodyguards at the Hotel Beitacle on what they have to do during the auction. Tocino, Baise, and Ivlenkov are assigned to bid on the mummy.[5] Inside the Cemetery Building, after Baise wonders why so many of the Mafia members are attending the auction in person, Tocino explains that they can earn points for their family and that the community receives 5% of the proceeds as a commission. He adds that it's a way for them to show how wealthy they are, explaining that some families even end up bankrupt after getting into a bidding war.[3]

Tocino killed by Franklin's Double Machine Gun

At the start of the auction, a short man and a tall man walk out onto the stage. The short man approaches the podium and quickly welcomes the attendees before saying that they can skip the formal greeting, announcing that they will all die. The large man suddenly begins shooting bullets from his fingertips and massacring dozens the auction attendees. During the onslaught, Tocino tells Ivlenkov and Baise to get behind him as he summons his Eleven Black Children to act as a shield. However, the puppets are quickly ripped apart by the bullets, and as Tocino himself is mortally wounded, he realizes that the shooter is using Nen bullets and is also an Emitter. As Tocino yells for Ivlenkov and Baise to escape and says that they need to tell the others what's happening, a bullet hits him directly in the head as he is ripped apart.[3]

Kurapika briefly mentions Tocino, Baise, Ivlenkov, and Dalzollene to Neon as bodyguards who were killed at the auction. However, Neon shows no remorse for them and only asks whether the mummy was stolen.[6]

When Kurapika checks the Hunter Website, he sees pictures and descriptions for Neon, Tocino, and the other bodyguards (besides himself and Melody).[7]

Abilities & Powers

Tocino has all the benefits granted by his status as a Hunter.[1]


Tocino is an Emitter.[1][3] He can also use Manipulation to give orders to the puppets he creates, although he might be unable to give them more than one.[1]

Shachmono's Nen Type: Emission
Type: Emission and Manipulation Eleven Black Children (縁の下の11人(イレブンブラックチルドレン) Eleven People Beneath the Edge)
ElevenBlackChildren.png Tocino can control eleven doll-like soldiers by emitting his aura into balloons, expanding them into life-sized creations.[3] The soldiers can be mistaken for actual humans at first glance, although a more attentive analysis of their behavior and physical contact can give them away. They can follow only simple commands, such as using swords or guns to attack whoever is closest to them, and their combat skills are low enough that Basho thought he could defeat them without using Nen. Due to the large amount of aura required, they can exist only within a few meters of Tocino.[1] The puppets can also serve as an aura shield, although they were no match for Franklin's Double Machine Gun.[3]


  • Yorknew City arc:
    • Shachmono and Squala vs. Kurapika, Basho, Baise, and Melody[2][1]
    • Shachmono, Baise, and Ivlenkov vs. Franklin Bordeau and Shizuku Murasaki[3]


  • "Mono" means "monkey" in Spanish, which may be a reference to his appearance.
  • His ability is given as Eleven Assistants: "Thankless Heroes" in the Viz translation,[3] a non-literal adaptation of the title.

Anime and Manga Differences

  • Interestingly, in both anime adaptations, Kurapika mistakenly claimed that Tocino was a natural Manipulator,[8][9] while in reality he is an Emitter, as Kurapika correctly guessed in the manga.[1] Even more interestingly, Tocino also identified Kurapika as a Manipulator in the 2011 anime adaptation,[9] whereas in both the 1999 anime adaptation and the manga he never guessed Kurapika's natural Nen type.[8][1]

Intertextuality and References


  • In the 1999 anime adaptation, his Japanese voice actor also voices Kenmi.
  • In the 2011 anime adaptation, his Japanese voice actor also voices Cherry, Pig, and Worm.
  • In the English dub version of the 2011 adaptation, his voice actor also voices Lippo and Worm.

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic شاسمونو توتشينو
China Flag.png Chinese 夏奇莫諾•多奇諾
France Flag.png French Saccimonno Tocinno
Russia Flag.png Russian Сачимоно Точино


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