Sheila (シーラ, Shīra) is a woman Kurapika and Pairo meet. She strives to be a Pro Hunter.[1]


Sheila is a young woman with fair, mid-length hair and blunt bangs. She wears a dark headband with heart designs. She carries a dark backpack with an evil face printed and the same heart designs. She wears a blouse and skirt. After Kurapika and Pairo found her injured in the forest, they put a cast on her broken left leg.[1]


Sheila seems to have a spirited personality. Despite being injured, she was able to smile and greet Kurapika and Pairo. She is also rather clumsy, falling repeatedly while her leg was healing and injuring herself again.[1]


Kurapika's MemoriesEdit

Kura & pairo discover shilah

Kurapika and Pairo find an injured Sheila

Kurapika and Pairo find the injured Sheila in the Lukso Province's woods. After Pairo and Kurapika get water for her, she offers the two boys, a book about a great Hunter's adventure called D Hunter as thanks. They find her a cave for shelter and bring her food, and she tells them about the outside world. After a while, even though her leg injury is not fully healed, she departs, leaving a note for Kurapika and Pairo about her departure.[1]

Sheila is presumed to be the woman who, after getting lost in the Lukso's woods, found the massacred Kurta Clan six weeks after Kurapika's departure.[2]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Language Name
France Flag French Shiela


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