Shingen-ryu ((しん)(げん)(りゅう)()()()()()()(), Shingen-ryū—lit. "Style That Originates From The Heart") is a school of kung fu.[note 1][1] Isaac Netero was its grandmaster prior to his demise.[2]


Very little is known of this school of martial arts. Either the whole school or only a single dōjō was founded when the man who would later become the 12th chairman of the Hunter Association, Isaac Netero, returned from a two-year training in the mountains. Upon witnessing Netero's new strength, the master of a dōjō offered him the ownership of the place and begged him to become his teacher.[3]

The main peculiarity of Shingen-ryu is that practitioners, together with hand-to-hand combat techniques and probably etiquette, also learn to control their aura. It is unknown if this part of the training originated at the same time as the school, since it is possible that Isaac Netero was still ignorant about Nen when he founded it; however, the "Nen of the Flame", a set of mental exercises aimed at strengthening a person's will, was most likely created by a practitioner of Shingen-ryu.

In order to successfully perform Ten, students must undergo rigorous training and prolonged meditation. Forcing one's aura nodes open through an injection of aura is a method (called "Gehou") that is generally frowned upon by the teachers of this style, although there are records of it being employed under special circumstances.

The students are then taught the other three basic techniques, Ren, Zetsu, and Hatsu, which, together with Ten, make up the "Four Major Principles". However, due to the tight connection between Hatsu and individuality, teachers refrain from helping students develop their Nen abilities until the latters have come up with the general idea by themselves. After mastering the fundamentals, the students go on to learn the advanced techniques.

Notable Exponents



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  • Gon and Killua have been trained by two exponents of this style, Wing and Biscuit.
  • The four known practitioners of this style of kung fu are the only people whose strength has been greatly underestimated by Killua.[6][1][7][8]


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  1. In the original Japanese text, the word used is (けん)(ぽう)()()()()()()()() (kenpō)—a generic term for martial art or Chinese martial art (kung fu), and that can also be used to refer to several styles of Japanese martial arts using this name/term.