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Shura (修羅, Asura) was a character that appeared in the movie, The Last Mission. He was an On user and Jed's right-hand man.[1]


Shura's design

Shura's design

Shura was a young man with long black hair, pale skin and a slender build. He wore black pants and a maroon belt around his waist.



Shura was an On user and previously, a member of the Shadow, which were the Hunter Association's secret operation squad. The squad was annihilated by the chairman Isaac Netero as they began to make use of On. However, he survived along with Rengoku and Gaki. Using their hatred, the three revived their leader Jed in order to destroy the Association and avenge their mates' deaths. The four then forced the Hunter Association to disclose the Black Report to the public.


The Last MissionEdit

Abilities & PowersEdit

Although combat does not seem to be his field of specialization, Shura is a dangerous foe. Aside from the benefits granted him by On, he is a capable hand to hand fighter, good in offense, but seemingly lacking in defense. He is also a capable manipulator, managing to affect Kurapika with his speech. Hisoka rates Shura's overall strength as a 65.[1]

Enhanced Strength: Shura appears to be physically stronger than Kurapika while the latter's eyes are scarlet (although in the movie, Emperor Time has much more limited effects than in the manga).

Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: Shura managed to fight with Kurapika and Leorio at the same time, even dodging sneak attacks from behind.

Enhanced Stamina: Despite fighting both Kurapika and Leorio while also controlling the Heaven's Arena, Shura did not show any sign of physical or mental strain.

Proficient Hand to Hand Combatant: Shura's skills in bare-handed combat allowed him to go toe-to-toe with two armed opponents, although his defense is not as good as his offense.


Shura's On Abilities
Machine Eater (機械に巣食う棘(マシンイーター) Machine-building Thorn)
Machine Eater
Through On Shura generates tendrils that enter the targeted machines and give him full control of all their functions.[1]
Shape Shifter (物真似鳥(シェイプシフター) Mimicking Bird)
Shape Shifter
Shura generates a duplicate of his enemy made of On. The duplicate has all the physical abilities and fighting prowess of the original and once created gives Shura all the info he needed about the target like his past or his motivations. To overpower the original Shura can also enhance the duplicate with On.[1]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic شورا


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