The Sixth Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman took place after the fifth election failed to meet the specified conditions.[1]


The election took place in the Hunter Association Headquarters.

The Election

Voting Turnout

Rank Candidates Number of votes
1st Pariston 272 (41.1%)
2nd Teradein 73
3rd Cheadle 66
4th Leorio 58
5th Morel 53
6th Mizaistom 44
7th Botobai 37
8th Ickshonpe 0


  • Valid Ballots: 603
  • Absent Votes: 58


  • Candidates with a majority vote (50%+): None
  • Voting Rate: 91.2%


Pariston comes in first but since the conditions are not met, a new re-election will be made with the top 8 again.


  1. Hunter × Hunter - Volume 31, Chapter 329


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